SIR trauma

SIR trauma

to use SIR, do I have to set the playback buffer to match SIR’s latency? every time I try to use it, it plays for a few seconds then the playback gets jerky then my computer either gives me an error or restarts. Any help would be appreciated.

SIR has a fixed latency of 8960 samples which might be what you are experiencing, especially if you are trying to record live. But if you are just processing a wave file thru it in playback I don’t know. I use SIR and it works fine. (read playback is smooth)

What cpu load are seeing? I know if I have say 8 tracks, many plugins, or certain high load plugins and push my cpu usage up near 90%+ it degenerates into basicaly crap.

But normally it is a nice smooth and effective reverb.


around 80% total on one track with a preamp plugin as well. I have an older computer p3 600Mhz, could that be part of the problem. I don’t have problems with any n-track plugins. what do you have your playback buffer set at? or does that even matter?

80% for one track!
That sounds way high.
I used to have a P3 500Mhz and could use SIR no probs.

Try taking the pre-amp plug out and see if it makes a difference (what plugin is it BTW?)

Also how much RAM do you have?
Also what soundcard, driver and buffer settings are you using?
Increasing the playback buffer may help if it is set too low so that your system can’t stream the audio off your HD fast enough.


my computer just restarted trying to recordsomething whith out any plugins or anything, I think I have a different problem than sir.

Yep. It sounds very underpowered, or there is something else wrong with it. What are your specs? (SIR is a big hog, but not that big.)

Intel PIII 600
128megs RAM
VIA Audio sound card (came with computer)
running 16 bit at 44100 and the buffers to default settings.

I finally got it to run on one track with nothing else on. I had some running processes in the background. I quit all the ones I didn’t need, and it worked with a smaller impulse response file (250K). total CPU load was around 80% still. I think I’ll jsut use the n-track reverb till I get a new computer.

oh… the guitar preamp plugin was Rednef Twin from simulanalog

It could be starved for RAM.

Which OS?
Hard drive size, how much space is left, and speed (RPMs)?

You CPU and speed is ok, and you should be able to get more out of it based on just that. I suspect there is a bottleneck somewhere else. RAM is a good place to start looking. If ram page filing (is that the right word?) is taking place you’ll go downhill fast. I suspect it is.

Also, if there is little room left on the hard drive then there will be another fly in the ointment since time will be spent looking for space to store the files. Page filing will do it as will saving wave data when recording. THIS will slow down anything and everything on the machine.

Hard drive speed really needs to be 7200 RPMs. A lot of older drives are just 5400 RPMs. They will work but performance isn’t too good. I don’t think this alone will raise the CPU usage, but if the hard drive is getting slightly full this will become a bigger factor. This is a factor in max tracks.

There are or were some problems with VIA chips, but I don’t know any specifics. I don’t know if it’s related. Maybe someone else that knows can fill us in. I think these problems were more with pops and clicks than CPU, but for some reason I fell like there was a problem with slow PCI marshaling. I doubt that would raise CPU usage though.

Anyway… My guess is lack of RAM and a slow or nearly filled hard drive. :)

Beyond Phoo advise,


around 80% total on one track

If i dont bad remember, the amount of CPU that SIR uses, is related to the size of the impulse wave file you have loaded. More big the wav file, more cpu is used.
In the SIR window, you can also try check under “options” the one named “Dynamicall Cpu use”, that can help.

I’m using windows 2000 my hard drive is 10.2 Gig, 5400 rpm, and 1.65 Gig free space. the dynamic cpu use button, along with a smaller impulse file was how I got it to work finally. Thanks everyone. I’m going to look into a new hard drive and more RAM for now.

Dude, the 5400 rpm disk and only 1.65 GB free space is choking your setup. Bigger disk for sure. If you can, keep the 10GB disk for W2K and n-Track. Use the new, faster drive for your audio files. You need to clean up some space on the 10 GB drive though.


I doubt the 5400 drive is the problem. I recorded a number of songs on a 5400RPM laptop drive (750 MHz cpu) and didn’t have any problems, using up to a dozen or so tracks, several of them stereo. True, it’s important to defrag when there’s so little space left.

However, you will be happier with a bigger, faster hard drive. And they’re pretty cheap, especially on ebay. Ditto on the RAM. That’ll make everything go faster.

And at 600 mHz, save your pennies because you’ll be wanting a new mobo & processor as well. I was using n-Track 3.0 and 3.1; I bet v4 is a bit more power hungry.