Sizing instrument track window

Sizing track window

How can I adjust the height of the track window.
For example the first instrument added is always have the screen, and then the second is the same large size and they both don’t fit on one screen.

I searched and didn’t see an answer.
I know it’s a newbie question - but I’m a newbie.

Hi michael f t:
I believe that if you go to the “Tool Bar” just above the Transport Toolbar… The one that starts with the pair of scissors on the Left-Hand-Side… you’ll see a Magnifying Glass with a Notepad icon… If you scroll over that icon with your mouse, you’ll see View all Song… “Click” on that icon and you should then see all the tracks in the timeline window.

Give that a try, to see if that’s what you’re looking for… Maybe, that will help…


Yes thanks very much -
Zoom out vertical axis

That’s what I was looking for.

Any idea why after using the program for some time (20 mins) I sometimes get an echo that doesn’t go away until after I close it and reopen the program?

New-To-Me… Maybe someone will jump in here and help both of us…

There’s some pretty clever guys around here… Saturday may not be the day for them to be around here, though…

Could it be an Audio Card Driver issue? Who Knows?


FYI - I believe the reason I was getting the echo (and other odd system problems) was because I had the vst’s in 2 folders.

I uninstalled and/or moved the vst’s to the default vst folder and all has been well since.

Thanks for your help.

Hi michael f t:
That’s good… Whatever works… I think Flavio added a “Search” to the VST files/folders… in one of the earlier builds. n-Track will search your Hard drives for all the VST .DLL files and lists the VST plugs in your n-Track VST folder…It seems to me that I have VST.DLL files all over my Drives now… I know, they (the vst .dll files all seems to be in/on the vst list when I open the Effects menu…