Skinning buttons

Skinning buttons

I notice in some of the downloadable skins that some buttons are different that I don’t see in the XML or image files for the default.
The play/record buttons in the transport bar for example.
How can I change those?

- Yen

I think they are *.bmp files, but I can’t remember for sure. They are located in the n-Track Studio 6 folder (I think, but some might be somewhere else since I messed with them.) I’d be sure to back everything up before you mess with these - You are going to need an image editor to work with them.
Be sure you have your codes and a backup copy of the version you are using -just in case. I don’t really believe you can do irreversible harm, but it might get frustrating.
Honestly, I am not sure they are the correct files anymore. Looking at them they Seem to be, However, You are on your own with this one.
Good luck,

Ah ha! Upon closer inspection I see them tucked inside a bitmap that contains a whole row of buttons.