Skins !

I noticed someone uploaded a skin to share with us.
If you don’t know where to find it, open your N-Tracks, then preferences, then ‘appearance’, then ‘skins’… then look for the ‘download more skins’.

I downloaded it, saved it as .skn, but can’t open it. It’s a compressed file, so when you double click on it, it attempts to uncompress. I clicked the ‘unlock’, but it still won’t open.

Any thoughts?

settings->skins->import the .skn file
afterwards choose it in the skins dropdown list

Hi Guys:
I’ve downloaded the “Skin File” to a folder in “My Download” Folder… When I look there it appears to be a “Zip” file… I un-zipped the file to a folder that looks to be about 13.6 kbs. When I try to import the file to the skins utility there is nothing to import from that folder/file… What’s going on? Can you set me straight? Give me a step-by-step To see if I can import that file and use it… Then… I may have a skin-or-two to upload… Thank you for the help…



I’m so @)(#%&)@#(&% pissed off right now.

It takes me 10 minutes to log into this _#@(
&$% forum. It’ll take my info then say I’m not logged in… over and over and over…


1)download the file
2)rename it to .skn
3)open ntrack
7)browse to the .skn file
8)click "open"
9)choose the new skin from the dropdown

that should do it :)

Thank You guitars69:
I think it was renaming the file to .skn that I didn’t get… When I browsed to where the file was it didn’t show up… I’ll try that to see if the file will install into the skin utility, now…


I can remember back in earlier versions of the Board this (logging-on) used to be an issue… Some of the guys back then wanted Flavio to use another Forum Application to serve the purpose… If you go to the opening page and down at the bottom of the page you’ll find a “Remove all cookies” link… You may have a corrupt cookie file… or something that’s giving you this issue… Who knows… ??Sometimes… even dumping your browser’s temp files might help in logging on to this Board… Hey, it don’t take much…

Back Again:
That direction you posted worked just great… I have the “Light-Gray” Skin installed and working fine…

Boy… am I ever “Picky”…

If the background shade behind the “Tool-Bar” could only be a little darker that would be so nice… And… If the background, behind the playback meter(s) could be made a little lighter that would even be better… What on the “Skins” list controls all this? and what on the “Skin’s” list controls the shade of the CPU usage and that whole area just below the timeline margin?


Whoooo… I found IT… :;): :laugh: :)

[EDIT 2]
I still haven’t figured out how to change the “tool-Bar” background colour… I have uploaded a Skin that I’ve been working on… as an attachment… to the address… Is that how it’s done?

AGAIN!!! trouble logging in. it may have been partly that I had set as ALWAYS ALLOW in my security settings. I’ve removed it now and we’ll see if it changes. I think I remember adding it because of the same problem though. Oddly, my laptop has trouble with some sites that my desktop doesn’t. something somewhere is set different. haven’t figure it out though.

as for the skins, the toolbar colors are a small image file 50 by 60 pixels called toolbgd.bmp in your skins/green (or other skin) folder. It has a gradient from top to bottom. N-track just tiles it across the whole bar. as for ALL the other colors, those are adjustable on the skin’s page, it just takes looking around.

I haven’t exported anything so I don’t know about uploading.