Skins - I Don't like the dark colors

Is there something like to “old” Ntrack

I have been messing with the colors, but I can’t seem to get anything that I really like and I really don’t like the new dark look.
Has anyone come up with something that resimbles the colors in version 4? At least, something not so dark. The Light Grey is better, but . . .
Can anyone tell me what control the names on the left side of the tracks? I can’t seem to find the major components that control the overall look.

Hi bax3:
I know what you mean with the dark backgrounds… In some ways the dark colours are good… They’re supposed to relieve strain and fatigue and direct you to the working part of the timeline’s application… But when overdone some people see the colours as distracting and present the opposite effect… All of these adjustments are good, I think… but I have difficulty identifying each item in the list… When I find one I attempt to remember what it does/adjusts… Then I forget. I find… with the correct colour feel I find I can stay at the editing process much longer, or, the fatigue doesn’t seem to come into play as soon as with the wrong colour settings… Then IT depends what the flavour of the song that’s displayed on the timeline…

To me the colours are quite important… to be able to stay at the editing process…


SETTINGS/skins - ‘double click to change the colour of practically every aspect of N’ -

Dr J

thanks, but I knew how to change the colors - the problem is figuring out what control what part of the display.
I have discovered one change that has greatly helped - the setting I had to change was not in Ntrack but in Windows.
Here are a couple of settings that might help others:

Int ehWindows Control panel for Display open the Appearance tab: there are two settings for the “Windows and Buttons” setting, set this to the "Windows XP style"
then open Ntrack and select the Windows Colors skin.
I got a much more attractive screen for Ntracks (in my opinion - the main parts of the screen look more like earlier versions, much lighter colors.