Skins - More Visable Push Buttons

for anyone have trouble with buttons

n_Track has “changeable skins”
You can alter the display colors of the n-Track screen.
I’ve been changing the colors from time-to-time, but I did not know how to fix a couple of my minor annoyances with n-Track buttons. With some information from Flavio I have altered a few of the button displays:
>When the Pause Button is down (paused) it turns red - even when Play is not engaged - you can always tell the program is Paused.
>When the Live button is down (active) it displays Live On
>The selected effect title is displayed in bright green in the tracks effect list if that effect on that track is being displayed.
>Drop down menus lists are white with black text (easier to read I think)
> Track wave form turns dark gray over light red when selected. ( I’m still experimenting with these colors)
You can download the skin in n_Track by going to Settings > Skins and selecting Download More Skins and selecting More Visible Push Buttons (There are some other good skins to try out from other NTrackers)

If you would like to change some of my color changes you can do it from the menu Settings > Skins box.

What it changes
control name
Drop Down Menu

Menu background
Selected track

Selected wave file background 1

Selected wave file background 2
Displayed Effect
List Box Text Highlighted

Changes to the Buttons themselves are more difficult and require a 32 bit video editor to change the bitmap - NTRCK3XP.bmp
Warning: if you edit the bitmap save the original in case the changes don’t work.
I hope you like it,

Well . . . I downloaded the file from the Internet and it did not work as expected - for me anyhow - the bitmap file did not get posted and the color changes aren’t what I expected.
Someone else might check and see if it works for them.
Anyhow, I emailed Flavio and asked him to check.

The only that worked as you described Bax was the drop down menu’s with black text and white backgrounds. :)

The selected wave file turns bright to dark gold with realy brite neon red wave! :cool: (had to put my shades on with that one! LOL)

OK, the skin that is now posted seems to work pretty much as I wanted it to. MoreVisiblePushButtons is the title.
Yaz, The Selected track no longer overloads the eyes.
The Pause Button is easier to see when active (turns red).
The Live button shows Live On when active
The selected track effect name turns green when it is the displayed effect.

Yep Bax, works good here now, thanks! :agree: