Skips in playback

Drums are skipping in playback…

I use the Behringer ADA8000 with E-MU Patchmix.

After I record my drums there are skips in the playback. I think it might be the clipping, but I lowered the levels and there still there… anyone have any thoughts.

There’s a couple of things that can cuase this, without us knowing more about your system and setup it’s kinda hard to give a good answer.
Are the skips actually on the wav. file IE if you play it out of say winamp or realplayer, is it still there?
Or is it just inside Ntrack. One easy thing is to make shure your version of Ntrack is registered. I know when I used the unregisted version it muted every ten seconds.
Another thing, and this is only if you have a older slower computer.
You can set the playback to Mono while recording.–very useful for anything in the 300-400mhz proc.
If you have a 1G proc, or better than there could be more serious things afoot.
You say you checked the levels, on the external mixer? On the soundcard mixer?
Inside Ntracks playback controls? Really can’t say much more without more info.
Also check all the cords going into the souncard and external mixer. Something as simple as one not being plugged in all the way can do this as well. I also had a simular problem it took me for ever to figure out. I checked all the levels, cords all in, but same thing–cutting out. Only to find out later I wasn’t going into the line in on the soundcard. I was going in (mic in) hence the overload.

Someone more knowlegable will chime in soon enough, but i would definitly describe your Daw in more detail for an acurate diagnosis.


If it was clipping during the recording, there is nothing you can do about it after the fact other than re-record with gain knobs on the ADA8000 turned down a bit. You would need to pay close attention to the record VU’s to be certain you don’t go over 0db during the recording.
However, clipping would normally sound like distortion.
You may be suffering from to low of Playback buffers or data drop outs due to not enough hard disk throughput.
Those are what I’d look into.
1) Make sure you aren’t clipping during the recording.
2) Raise the buffers up some.
3) Make sure DMA is enabled on your hard drive. How to enable DMA
4) Look into getting a second hard drive for n-Tracks working directory.