Skunk Eatin' Dog

new old song

Recorded this a couple of years ago - uses an old-school Alesis drum machine and has two guitar tracks, one vocal tracks, and one bass track.

Not too much to it lyrically - a guy drinks some beer and his dog gets skunked. Please excuse the actual playing :)

Effect-wise, it has a little reverb on the vocals a bit of overall compression via some VST effects. Various tracks are panned left and right a bit. Would love to hear any suggestions on future mixing strategies!…dog.mp3

it sounded better on my system when I cut 1k just a bit and raised 8+1, and 16 +2.

before that things were a bit muggy and guitar parts seemed to step on one another.

dontcare :cool:

I like this! It would make for a cool live act, especially with soaring harmonies a la “Seven Bridges Road.” I can see it being played on a campground stage on a warm summer night.

Great fun.