Slightly OT: Contributors needed!


I’m looking for contribotors to write random articles about - and discuss various aspects of making muisc for my blog, MusicGeekBlog. Almost anything goes: talk about your last gig, writing your new song, learning a new technique, review a piece of gear. It’s brand new, so direction isn’t really defined yet.

Check it out. If it’s a lame idea, well, at least leave a post telling me that!

great idea Karl! I wish best succest for your site.
I would like to collabore, but my english is not the best.


I like! I’ve added the site to my favorites. I’d love to participate.

I like the design. Signed up for an account and when something comes to me I’ll shoot it up there.

Thanks guys!
I’d like to emphasize the “almost anything goes” attitude I have towards contributions, especially early on while the site kinda develops it’s own personality.
The look of the site will cahange at aleas a little over the next few weeks. I’ll at least move some menus etc to where they seem to make more sense (to me). There’s a lot of css and php to learn so it may take a while.

Marce, I’ve never had a problem with your english on this forum.:slight_smile:

WELL what can i say - just listened to the Captain playing on podcast - “just a bit good that man” (thats English for PRAISE)

Dr J