Sloom's Yard Sale

Stuff for Sale

Hey, I hope this is the proper thing to do on the forum here- I trust I’ll be steered in the right direction if not!

I have a few things that I need to lose, to make way for new things:

-Tascam US-428, with installation/drivers CD, Gigastudio “24”, and Cubasis VST. In very good shape, works great- but I just got this MOTU thing, and am doing a re-configure… $150.00

-MXL V63M large-diaphragm condenser mic, with shock-mount, mounting ring and an ART Tube MP preamp. A nice starter set-up… $120.00

-Flite 4x10 sealed guitar/bass cab. Eminence Beta speakers- very light, and can take the juice! It’s had a chassis (cabinet) repair, but is integral, and I’m not embarrassed to sell it… $175.00

-Yamaha RX120 drum machine. Not programmable, but has MIDI, Analogue I/O, and I think S/DIF. Good kick-drum sound with a touch of lo-shelf EQ… $50.00

-JBL 2226J 15" driver. 6oo rms @ 16 ohms, $150.00

Thanks for reading. C’mon, who needs some stuff? Offers fielded… :)

Hey Sloom,

I’d love to take that Tascam off your hands but so soon after Christmas… I have poor China-mans disease ie Mah-Fundz-RLow! IF you still have it in a month or so…

Good luck! Oh, you should try EvilBay if you wanna ditch the stuff quick. Thanks for posting them here first though!


Well, something kind of needs to get gone pretty quick, if possible. And yep, the timing is awkward, I suppose. That’s just me. My timing is somewhat better as a bass player…

I’m trying to get this chipset jig done up for my struggling, gasping PC (as mentioned in a recent thread- thanks for your submission, by the way), that’s part of what I need to do with the bread this stuff might generate.

Ebay. I dunno… I’d just rather deal on this level, if possible. Know what I mean?