SM Pro Audio

Anybody has experience with their stuff?

Just wondering if anybody has any experience with SM Pro Audio products. Especially I’m interested in PR8 mic preamp or IN5, which is a sort of mixture of two preamps and a small line level mixer.

Sound quality? Reliability?



I have no personal experience with their stuff. I believe CrankZ1 had or has an SM Pro PR8II mic pre with ADAT output. He did not speak very highly of the unit in the past though. Maybe he will chime in here and give us the low down…


Yeah … the PR8mk2’s pre amps are fairly transparent as far as can be expected from a low cost multi-channel unit.
It offers roughly 50db of gain and inserts on each channel.
What upset me the most was the ADAT option card …
After going through quite a bit of trouble obtaining a properly working option card, I found that the noise floor raised from roughly -95db to -75db using the ADAT output as opposed to the analog outputs. This may be due to some less than stellar (NO) shielding of the audio wires running to the card. That’s just a guess, as I’m not certain but I intend to try some mods on it when time permits.
All in all, it’s not to bad if you don’t use the ADAT option.
Thinking I should have gotten the ADA 8000 instead … gotta love that hindsight :p Always 20/20.
Even though I kept the PR8mk2, I’ve replaced it in my setup with a M-Audio Octane and am quite pleased with the Octane.
If all you are looking for are some analog pre’s (no digital output), you could get by with one of the SM Pro Audio units but you may do better by looking at a Yamaha MG 12/4 or 16/4 mixer.