Smack 'em Hard

Here’s a handy guide:

Christian Guide

I wish my parents would have had that guide. I might have turned out way different!


Maybe the idiot slapper helped draft this book?!?! :p

And if that doesn’t work, why, then there is always some other form of physical abuse you can try…


One wonders how many kids with ODD have suffered as a result of this sort of thing and had their lives ruined. Our son has ODD along with Tourettes and I guarantee if we did that sort of thing he would be deeply scarred and on his way to serious problems by now.

Geez… what a load of hooey…

I’m not against disciplining my kids but holy cow… 15 MINUTE “smack” sessions? I got spankings as a kid… I deserved every one of 'em too…


Quote (TomS @ July 19 2006,15:53)
...Our son has ODD along with Tourettes...

Tom, I knew about the tourette's, I didn't know about ODD.

Those two together must be quite a combination.

I can imagine as the parent your main frustration is people judging your son before trying to understand him.

I have 1st hand experience of the 'social' effects of having tourettes in a school environment. (Imagine me in primary school - tourettes, ADHD and quite a serious stutter).
People/children can be so cruel. The interesting thing as I think back about it now is that in the worst of times, there were also the best times. My circle of close friends was an interesting bunch. We were kinda 'unified' by our collective 'outsider' status, be it self proclaimed or due to other things. The one thing that we found in that group was unconditional acceptance, and a mutual unerstanding that things were not always as they appeared on the surface. So in the worst moments of the 'bullies' and guys making fun you had the whole 'tribe' backing you, doing their bit to try and make people understand. There is no therapy in the world that is better than knowing that you are alright, accepted and liked for who you are.

I have no doubt tho' that you are giving him the support, love and guidance that he needs. (without the 15 min smacking sessions :P )

Back on topic: There are too many misguided people out there, and far too many midguided so-called Christians.


Wihan, thanks for sharing that. It has been an education for my wife and myself, I will say that. :) Turns out that about 85% of Tourettes people also have some other problem, such as ADHD or ODD. It never rains but it pours, as they say. So far (3rd grade) our son is doing fabulously well. Cross your fingers.

Didn’t I see the “smack” session method used on the Simpsons™? Maybe they got the idea from Flanders’ upbringing.