Small File Size, Less Quality

How do you make files smaller?

I made a 17 minute file recording from a internet radio site which was playing at 128 KB, later on I checked to see what size was to see if it would fit on my mp3 player and it turned out to be 181 MB, is there any way I could bring down the quality of file to make it smaller. Thanks

Yup, just use an MP3 encoder proggy.

There’s a whole host of them out there, commercial and freeware.

In n-track I think it’s Bladeenc? Soundforge and Wavelab all have them or just search on the Web for freebies.

But, it is a trade off between size and quality, and it seems that VBR encoding does give better quality for equivalent size, (as long as your MP3 player handles VBR of course).


Try dbPowerAmp Music Convertor. It is a swell music file convertor and it is free.

Yup, dBPowerAmp is the champ. We all use it.

BTW, Bubba – dBPA support for 32-bit float PCM format is coming soon. I requested it on their forum and Spoon wrote back the next day asking for a sample file to debug with. A day later he gave me a DLL to test, and it works great. Not that dBPA is the best way to convert 32-bit files to 16-bit or whatever, but it’s handy whenever dithering isn’t important (i.e., fidelity isn’t important, converting to lower bit rate MP3, etc.)

Cool, not bad for quickie work. I still think for bit/resample conversions, r8brain from VoxEngo is the best freebie out there. I love that it can do batch conversions and has very good dither.