New 'un here

Any comments on the mix?
Drums ok? Seems if I turn them down the whole mix sounds odd…

Funky little number, Craig. I’m lovin’ the drums. I daren’t comment on their volume, though - I’m too much of a Big Beat fan.

Nice mix. I like the drums. Like the way you pan the toms in spots so they travel. Your lead guitar sounds like something from right out of the 60’s.

Quote: (duffman @ Jan. 17 2011, 4:34 PM)

the 60's.

The choppy one on the right? Yup.

That’s a cool bit of songwriting. I’m not good at analyzing mixes so I don’t have much to recommend. Maybe just that I would have liked to hear the bass clearer in the mix. Very lively rhythm section though, nice job on the rhythm guitar.

Another nice one you ol’ mud slingin’ rascal…


Thanks gang :agree:

Good point about bass there Geoff. Damn and blast thats something I learned in the studio too…its so easy to overlook something!

Hi spreadercraig:

Thanks for posting that link to your latest creation…
Lots of energy going on there…
I was drawn to the Guitar/Chang Track…
and I began to think what that track would sound like if you had access to TomS’ Rickenbacker Guitar, to do that track…

Just me and my thoughts…


you dont need any more compliments craig so apart from loving the stereo drums & rhtythm guitar i feel the song is crying out for girl backing vocals particulerly in the chorus which i felt wasnt so strong
it would give much needed contrast to your voice

All I have to post are compliments, but I’m still going to say: cool. Good that you are experimenting with new elements and sounds too. :agree:

Thanks everyone :agree:

Some rather useful titbits in there! :)

Also Bill…I could have sworn Tom told me he was fed up of those ‘crappy old Ricks’ and asked how much the postage was to the UK… :laugh:

:agree: I'm knot a guitar player..
Heck, I can't even play a comb wrapped with paper..
But, it's refreshing to hear Ricky's with that nice "Cheng/Chang". or Tele Thin-Lines Or..
Thin Bodied Gibson Knock-off's..
I could hear that Ricky all over this song..
Just like a Blanket.. :agree:
Played with nice tasty lines, of course..



Well, there is my cousin, Rick, you can have him, if you want. He’s a bit feathery at this time of year and might need a dipping.