Snap to grid

Sorry if this is a dumb question folks.

I’ve been using “snap to grid” to get things lined up etc. Lately I’ve noticed that I’m not snapping to grid, except when the grid is set to be “measure”. I think it used to work with any size grid.
Have I changed a setting somewhere, or an I just wrong?

Thanks for any input.

SHIFT-click the Grid button and a dialog will open where you can set the units.


I think this is something for Flavio to fix.
Ntrack does not seem to remember the settings of the snap at all. It always seems to default back to “beat” or so …

Thanks for the feedback folks.

It seems the snap only works to “measure”. As soon as the grid is set any finer, snapping no longer seems to function.

I’m using the older version of n-track. Is this fixed in the newest version?


I’ve used the Grid (with various settings) many times in one of the builds towards the end of V3.3. I didn’t spot any problems with it.

I’m now using 4.04 Beta, and I can’t see anything obviously wrong (I tend to only snap to Beat or Measure). Perhaps it was broken after the 3.3 build and then fixed again?


I updated to 4.0.3, and I still can’t snap to grid for anything smaller than a measure :(
ie, if the grid is on beat or smaller, then I can’t snap to it.

Has anyone else noticed this, or am I just doing something screwy? :p