snaps and clicks during recording`

getting some extra sounds

I am using one of the earlier 4.0.4 builds and was doing great, until recently when I was adding tracks to a prior recording with a band. First there would be digital skips or jumps during playback so I increased the playback buffers. The program gave me some kind of warning about exceeding the recommended number of buffers which I ignored. It helped on the playback but now trying to mix and I’m still getting these occasional little clicks or snaps like an old LP with a scratch. It isn’t real bad but any extra noise is unacceptable in the final product. Any suggestions? The program was working flawlessly before so I hadn’t upgraded to a newer build. Should I try that?

What kind of processor are you running. You could have too many tracks and your processor can’t keep up.

It’s a 3.2 gig pentium4.

That should be plenty. Has your CPU indicator been going into the RED?

Sounds like a buffer problem. You may want to set it back to where it was originaly. If you mess around with that for a long time and don’t get anywhere you might try to restore the whole progam to it’s default settings, you could also reinstall to the newer 4.05 if all else fails.

Two thoughts:

1. Make sure that you have NOTHING ELSE RUNNING in the background such as your AV scanner. It may be kicking in periodically and causing the glitches.

2. Defrag your HD before every DAW session. Even the newer HDs can stutter if they have to jump around to read/write fragmented files.

Not to worry, we’ve all been there!



How many tracks? Stereo-Mono? Format?
How many plug-ins are being used?
How full is your hard drive? Anything else slowing it down?

Sometimes resetting the preferences fixes things like this if they aren’t directly related to asking the CPU to do more that it can handle (that being too many track or plug-ins) or seemed to come out of nowhere.

Sorry I’ve been away for the holiday.
I am recording in Mono 7 tracks at once. but it has also happened when I was recording only 2.
No plugins.
The computor is new and the 200 gig harddrive is more then 3/4 empty.
I’ve never tried defragmenting so I’ll give it a try. I don’t do internet on this computor, it is dedicated to recording. I don’t think I even have any antivirus program.
I’ve tried opening the task manager and stoping anything that seems to be running. The cpu hasn’t gone more then 50% even when adding pluggins. I think I’ll try downloading the latest build of 4.0.5
Thanks for the ideas. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

A couple of handy utilities that I find useful are: “FreeRAM” and “EndItAll.” Sorry, you’ll have to Google for them.

They are both freeware.

FreeRAM will go in and capture all uncommitted RAM allowing RAM-hungry apps some elbow-room.

EndItAll shuts down all non-essential processes. Much more than the Task Manager does.


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