SNG file being saved under wrong name.

This has happened twice now.

If I have a project opened, and save it as a .sng file, and then open another project, N-track saves the second project under the name of the first.

So, if I have a project opened under the name One.sng, and then go to the “file” button, and open another .sng (we will call this Two.sng) from the drop down of recently opened projects, and then click on “Save as” it wants to save it as One.sng, instead of Two.sng unless I change it, which I have never had to do in the past. Since I have always done this out of habit, without really looking at the file name that I was saving because it should be the name I opened it under, I have now lost 2 projects. The .sng files were overwritten under the first projects name. So, now when I open One.sng, I actually get project Two under the name One.sng. Thus, the actual file One.sng is gone. This must be a new bug, as I have always saved .sng’s the same way, without giving it much though.

I have not run into the problem you mention. It sounds like a bug to me. What build/version are you using?
Something you might consider doing: I have adopted a procedure that you might want to consider. When I start a new project I use File > Save As [FileName - whatever you like ]to name the new sng file. That causes any files created to be name [filename] So now everything associated with the song has the name I have given it. If I am working with already created wav files I open the project and do the File > Save As after I have brought every thing into the sng. Then I use File > Move/rename song to gather/move all the files into a directory names for the song and have it append the songs name to the wav files. Give it a try.

My computer seems to have a memory, like if I go to save a project and type the first letter, lets say a “t” it automatically starts showing options of previous files that started with “t” if I add an “o” after it it limits it to thing that start with “to” and so on and so forth.

Yes, it is very easy to go over another file if it is names the same as the last, that is why anyone here will suggest you always name a project before even recording, that way all wav. files also have the same name (in the event of some sort of meltdown) and it will not have the opportunity to be saved under another name.

I do have a question tho, if you save a project under an existing name didn’t it ask you if you wanted to overwrite the original files?
I know if you say you don’t want to save a file it ask what you want to do with the wav.s that aren’t being saved, and if you do a mixdown to a name that already exist it ask what you want to do with them, delete or just remove from song…

Is it possible it saved it under a simular name, but not identical, using your names like “Two(2)sng.” leaving “two.sng” intact? I have had that happen.

Also, you most likely did not loose the files, only the organization they had, if you used a click track it is possible to bring them all back into a sng. file and get them back in the order they were in.

We certainly feel your pain bro, it is frustrating to work on something for hours even days then loose your effort, and I do hope it’s not a bug and that it can be prevented in the future.

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jerm :cool:

I’m talking about projects that were well under way, and named a good time ago. I’m not talking about new un-named projects.

N-track opens whatever song I had open when I closed it last. It then gives that name to any song I open after it when saving them.

You,re right about not losing the files. It only over-writes the .sng file. The .wav files are still there, with the exception, for whatever reason, of a few. However, the hours spent mixing are lost, as well as some of the magic that happens during a mix that often can not be repeated exactly. I consider it a major blow.

At least I’m aware of what is happening, which can help prevent it in the future. In the past, I have always simply clicked on “save as”, and it always comes up with the currently open song title .sng, unless it is a new song that has not been named yet, then it comes up as newsong.sng. It was such habit that I never needed to check it. Now, I guess I do. What worries me is that I do not know if it also does this when using the auto save feature.

Hi. I’ll have a check on mine in a while. Bax asked of the build/version?

Quote: (Toker41 @ Dec. 23 2009, 8:30 AM)

I'm talking about projects that were well under way, and named a good time ago. I'm not talking about new un-named projects.

YEs, that was understood, I not sure what my point was, perhaps a few two many pints of beer inhibited my ability to make one successfully, although looking back it may have been that there should not be any new un-named projects, when a project starts it needs to be named before any recording is done.

That way each wav. file recorded does not have the name newsong1, newsong2, newsong177, and so on and so forth that can get confused with other wav. files recorded in projects that did not start with a name.
I know that's not helping right now with the damage already done, so if you just want to stick a fork in my eye I understand.

I certainly can sympathize with the loss of time in mixing, it is not something I enjoy and it takes me so long to get it acceptable, way longer than any of the loosing that part from one click would certainly ruin my week.

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jerm :cool: