Sng file error HELP!

I have an sng file that gives the error message “wrong or old file format” when opened. The file was created in 3.3, and had never been opened by any other version of ntrack. the file worked yesterday morning just fine, I turned off my computer to go to work, I come back later that afternoon and try to open up the file and I get an error message, note that my other sng files work fine. I know that I could re import the tracks and try to resequence the wav files, but the song had such a delicate arangement that it would almost be impossible, so I was hoping that there might be a fix for the sng if the file is corrupt, or a soultion to getting the sample offset information for the tracks. also my fire fox web browser bookmarks had also
mysteriously vanished,I dont know if this is related but those are the two changes I noticed when I turned back on my computer,(although I keep my all of my music files on a seperate harddrive, that os stuff.) any help would be appriciated thanks.
Ive already emailed Flavio, but I know he’s too busy to give a helpful response, i figured mabey someone has had the same issue and mabey found a solution.