sng files corrupted

Hey all. Anyone have any experience with the .sng file getting corrupted? I’ve had it happen on 4 or 5 songs now. I save my work (even make a backup .sng file) and then the next time I go in, I get this error message saying that N-track can’t find a wav file, or that the .sng is corrupt. Additionally, the ASIO drivers appear as question marks until I do something related to the driver. Then it finds the ASIO, but not all of the wave files come back.

I realize that the workaround is as simple as re-inserting the wave files, but I’ve lost any effects on that track, PLUS (and this is the thing that really gets me) if I’ve done a punch in track, I have to guess at the start time for the wave file.

Any thoughts or assistance are greatly appreciated.

Constantly corrupt? That isn’t normal. I would do a quick scan disk to make sure your hard drive isn’t on the way out. See if you have a pile of bad sectors and if so, backup everything and start looking for a new hard drive. In almost 7 years of using N-track I have had one file go corrupt. It is seriously weird for it to be happening repeatedly. Either that or something is crashing when you go to save things and they are not being written correctly. Do you have the latest drivers etc for everything?

let’s put it somewhere between constantly corrupt, and more than four times in one month. I don’t think it’s the drive–it’s a fairly new one, and I’ve defragged and scanned for errors as well. PLUS, the only thing on the drive is the songs. Additionally, its NEVER the wave files–just the .sng. BTW, the computer was rebuilt a mere 2 weeks ago and added a second disk. Already tried that route.

As far as the latest drivers, I’m assuming your referring to the sound card–no. I was given the advice not to upgrade to the latest/greatest by someone in this forum. do you think the sound card could get in the way of writing to disk? I’m not adverse to upgrading, just have hestitated to do so because of other issues I experienced. :p

Well, I am sort of leaning towards something interupting the write operation of the save. The wavs write fine, but the sngs get hosed. This tells me that when you click the X to close N-track ti pops up the “Do you wanna save” box, you hit yes, and the thing crashes. However, seeing that you are closing the program, you don’t notice that it does not end nicely. Perhaps a sound card driver glith could cause this. Maybe one thing to try to isolate this is to always hit the save icon in N before closing and see if over time that makes any difference. If a difference for the better my huch is correct and we can look further.

The other thing I am thinking is perhaps a controller problem. The hard drive might be okay, but maybe the particular IDE channel is funky?

BTW, I’ve included the error screen, in the event that it helps.
NTrack Error

Thanks for the consideration.

I think I can rule out the IDE part. I’ve got Ntrack loaded on two different Dells–one at work, the other at home (permissible as stated in the FAQ). The problem happens in both places. All the recording goes on at home, and most of the mastering/effects/mixing goes on at the office. Same thing in both places. I think this actually might even speak to the hard drive issue as well?


BTW, bubba, thanks for the help. Really do appreciate it.

Perhaps a buggy plugin? For it to happen on two different machines tells me we need to look for what they have in common. Also, contact Flavio. Sometimes you can send him the sng fiel and he can fix them as well as his code for whatever the problem may be.

Now you may be on to something. I noticed early today (after the initial post) that I also received a “can’t find [fill in the blank].dll file” error. Don’t know if that’s happening at home, but chances are pretty good it is. I’ve probably downloaded more effects than is good for me.

I’ll check tomorrow evening and get back with you.

Thanks for the advice.