.sng format programming

ideas for working with the .sng format

been thinking about this a little, and thought of something that would probably be useful for alot of n-trackers… if i can wrap my head around doing it… maybe someone else is a bit more energetic on the thinking end of this one.

what i’m thinking is basically a “.sng file repairer”… a utility that would read in a potentially damanged .sng file (or one that won’t open in n-track for whatever reason). and create a NEW .sng file with only the basics… tracks and wav files aligned in their appropriate positions. remove all plugins and fancy stuff so that it can be read by the app again. one big problem with this would be handling format changes over previous versions, but there may be a way to work with that.

what do you guys think?

i’ve had many cases where i’ve tried to open a .sng file and theres one plugin in there that’s causing problems.


what i’m thinking is basically a “.sng file repairer”…

Lastly many guys have talked about the “.sng” format. I believe that if it was changed to a simply text file (or XML if you want make it more complex) much of your requirments will be easily fullfilled. It will be easy for a programmer write a batch to locate, move, etc all the wav files involves, also easy to fine tweaking parameters of volume, envelopes, sends, etc. And for the normal user, if a “.sng” become corrupted, you can see with any text editor what is wrong with it, cuting&pasting the parts that are able to be saved.

This is a great idea.
I would use it.
Sometimes I open up a sng file and it opens ok but as soon as I hit play or try ot remove a plugin that I think is causing a problem it crashes.
I end up having to go back to a previously saved version of the song and rebuilding what I’ve done since.

This is one reason I save my sng file under different filneames as the project progresses.


yeah, i’m somewhat talking through my a$$… i’m pretty sure it would be easy enough to get all the track info, offsets, etc., with what flavio has given us, but i’m not sure it’s possible to properly write back a new .sng file.