snow day!!!!!!!!

snow day for me! most of winnipeg is shutting down for the day. transit bus stuck on the road outside my apartment building.

Cool! Literally… :D Now go record something! :)

TG – hardly EVER gets snowed upon…

We have snow where I live (not enough to get the day off), but it would be our first official snowfall of the year. Guess global warming isn’t going to happen for at least another year.

Too Bad dimmer:
I really feel sorry for you… :p over there. The weather fronts that come across Canada, like the storm you’re getting, is described as, Alberta Clippers… I think we are gonna escape this one… But, who knows.

Over here, we’re hearing that this storm is gonna link up with another “LOW” comming out of the south… We are looking at this one…

So far, we have nothing on the ground, as yet… But, that can change…

No snow… I like that… don’t gotta shovel. :O :;):


Winnipeg! I love Winnipeg. I was there in 1975 and 76. It’s a bit flat and whatever yellow flowers growing out of town in the summer used to get my head all stopped up. Is that mustard? I never found out. I have some pictures from back then. We also play a few other places in the area - Portage La Prairie was particularly a blast. The dry cold was something I hadn’t experienced before. I was outside with no shoes, shorts and a tee-shirt. It was a bit cold but nothing I couldn’t stand for a short time. I finally did the C to F conversion and figured out it was down near zero F, but it didn’t feel THAT cold. No wind helped. (stupid youth had something to do with it too)

There’s snow business like snow business,
Like snow business I know

Everything about it is appealing

Everything the traffic will allow

No where could you have that happy feeling

When you aren’t stealing that extra bone (bone? ???)
There’s snow people like snow people
They smile when they are low

etc., etc., etc.

Annie get your Gun (I think).

Annie had a cocaine habit ?

Quote (teryeah @ Nov. 15 2005,17:03)
Annie had a cocaine habit ?

Nah, but Doris Day did! :laugh:

Was it Goucho Marx who said; “I used to know Doris Day before she was a virgin.” ???