so far SO GOOD

so far ?

MNNN - not bad so far - WIN 2K here

build 2325 has not addressed the transport bar button and other parts of it disapearing - but when undocked (to bottom of screen) it is OK - BUT on my OS, N will not open again if N is closed with the transport un docked - reinstall required -

observance shows that this seems to be a timeline refresh problem where the refresh is starting to high and catching the transport bar - when undocked to bottom of screen it is out of the timeline refresh so is OK - except on WIN 2K -

DRAG SAMPLE END AND IT EXPANDS ON AND ON AND ON ( at last, Magix has had this for years - great feature -

AUTO CROSSFADE - use two different samples, you may have problems trying to cross fade on copies of the same sample -

CHANGE KEY - depends on samples used, most commercial samples will report its KEY (A#4 c4 a5-9#b ) in properties box - if note number is not reconised then the transpose box is shown - if KEY is shown open box and change key - great effects are available - so far seems reliable -

When sample is expanded (as above) it will expand on and on, but will keep making new samples as seperate units on same track - each will have its own properties box -


more to follow -

ABJECT FAILURE - Help Chat Line -

first as above using WIN 2K - have JAVA installed as needed for other apps - test program is JAVA driven - here lies the problem - if i uninstall my JAVA the chat seems to at least start to work - but as JAVA now is direct install - cant put it on a memory stick, it takes hours to install - the direct install is so that JAVA will always be detected by other programs as JAVA will always be in a certain folder on the correct drive - the chat app finds that i have JAVA installed and shows the JAVA VERSION LOGO - which seems to show that my latest JAVA (only one available) is incompatible with the chat app which uses an older version (different version logo) -

needs NON JAVA / FLASH application -

REQUEST - SAMPLES on same track should have independant colours - not share single track colour - wave file should also have the ability to re-colour areas as wanted ( to highlight voical area, guitar leads etc)

Dr J

Hi Doc J:

It may be that you are few-in-number as an n-Track user with w2K as the Operating System…

This Lexicon CORE-32 Audio Hardware I have is supposed to work with that Operating System… If I am unable to to resolve this issue I have I might have to move into Win2K…

It sounds as though you are managing quite well with the combination… and your Hardware…

A few work-arounds and you’ll be O.K.