So has the general suckiness of n-track improved?

And do you guy still feel as ashamed as always about not growing up and “doing” Sonar or something the big guys and pros use? Just wondering. That same smell of staleness and bugs seems to pervade “da house”. :;):

Thanks for the useful comments. Smilly face not accepted. :angry:

No… it’s ok… you can say anything you want to as long as you put a smiley face after it… I’ll demonstrate:

Dewey Oxberger is a pointless troll that lives in his mother’s basement and still masturbates to the underwear section of the Sears catalog. :)

The men’s underwear section. :)

See how that works? :D

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Hmm, no webpage listed, no music posted, and I can’t find any music by Northern Lights anywhere…

So, how are you going with that pirated copy of Sonar and the onboard sound?


LOL! You tell 'em, John! :D

Hey Dewey…SHETEP!!! :) <------smiley face! Oh yeah Dewey, Go visit the PT forum, they’re real friendly there…NAWT! :) <----smiley face! Dewey? are you still as uhh… FAT as you was in “Stripes”? And if i was gonna “Do Sonar” she better be good lookin!!

Any chance Dewey is a marketing agent for Sonar? Hmmmmm… :D

The “Big Boys” due to their corporate bureaucracies will never be able to provide the prompt and personal attention that you get with N-Track.

Hey Dewey! I think your mom is calling you to put away your skateboard and Spiderman PJs.

Funny story. I own a copy of sonar producer edition, fl studio (current edition) Pro, Kontakt 2 and several other sequencers / DAWs. I also bought n-track many years ago and upgraded it 2 months ago. In the studio a few weeks back, I was recording some voice overs and decided to use Sonar just to make sure it was recorded properly. After 2 hours of 24 bit recording with all hardware seemingly working perfectly, the talent and myself took a listen at the raw data recorded. To say it sounded bad was an understatement. And then, Sonar crashed on me - and crashed good - currupting all the audio data.

Not to panic, I decided to boot up n-track 4.1 and start over. The story has a happy ending. N track performed flawlessly. I never tweaked my mics or anything else - just ran the program and recorded 20 tracks worth of voice overs and narrations. When playing it back for the client, I had no problems. The client asked for “what if’s” and we eq’d, pitched and delayed the tracks this way and that. Finally, we even put in a bit of reverb - and I decided to use nothing but n track’s built in effects, despite owning several high quality effect collections.

So, Mr. Dewey, you can keep your silly comments to yourself, as N-Track - which has been written up in every major keyboard and studio magazine with NOTHING but high praise in all reviews - works very very well. It is actually used by major talents and studios as the (Shhhh, don’t give away their secrets) "little DAW and sequencer that could."

Silly Dewey, sonar’s for kids. You can keep Sonar, as it no longer shall be used in my studio!!!