So here's the band I recorded at the weekend

This is about the best I could do with what I got:

I recorded the band in their rehearsal studio.

Drums: kick, snare, OHx2, Hihat
Acoustic: DI
Bass: DI
Electric: mic’d amp. SM57
Vox: using their vocal mics.

All recorded “live”.

Acoustic guitar sounds pants plugged in.

I arrranged the instruments to get minimum spill and it worked out pretty good.

The band played the songs all together until we got a good take, and then moved on to the next song.

On this one I actually recorded a bit of my acoustic (when I got home) to go over the intro. His acoustic sounded so horrible on it’s own doing the intro.

kinda has a dreamy, song from a Tarantino movie feel about it in parts.

Hi Mark A:

Thanks for posting up the link to your project…
Sounds great…
There’s much work there getting the guys mic’d up and all…
Then getting the guys positioned up so they can hear themselves without cross-talk…
Getting them to play at the right level(s) with dynamics and all…