so many disappointments with n-track 7

so many disappointments with n-track 7

I recently upgraded from n-track 4.1 (ooolde)to n-track 7 64bit for win 8.1 and yes, there are a few really nice conveniences/features, and I admit I’m using a soundblaster z card (not ideal) but OUCH, so many disappointments with n-track 7:

-Frequent crashes
-Poor functionality and terrible navigation / window display / arrangement.
-Midi timing seems sluggish and choppy, even with adjusting buffer settings.
-sample playback is intermittently weird like it was in n-track 3 (10 years ago!)
-Piano roll settings are only semi functional
-Piano roll midi note display is visually inferior to n-track 4.1
More issues than these but that’s all I have time to list right now.

It was so much easier composing on n-track 4.1

:angry: I wonder if I can download an earlier version for 64bit 8.1 ??
More stability, etc?

I have not tried
ntrack with 8.1.
My issues with 8.1 are not good and I agree that there have been a great deal of chanes that make using Ntrack 7 different than 4.
However, stability has not been a problem ( at least for me) using Windows 7 .
You might want try loading ntrack in compatibility made as Windows 7 and see if that helps.


Thank you for your feedback on using n-Track 7.

Could you provide some more details on the problems you’re having?

Regarding the issues with the piano roll, which settings do you find semi-functional? When you mention “midi note display”, are you referring to a specific action (adding a new note, selecting notes)?

Could you also provide some more info on the crashes you are experiencing?

We appreciate your input and will definitely consider it in our work on next versions of n-Track.

Thanks for your reply Dario!

I would really prefer to continue using n-track if possible as I have many .sng files saved from version 4.1 that are still in process, so please, any help for a solid resolution would be greatly appreciated!

Regarding stability issues that I will mention, it should be noted that I have started sampling many other DAWs and find absolutely NO issues with crashing, latency, resetting/losing my settings, etc. I can only conclude that these are issues with the n-track program.

Also, I have reinstalled the program and tried installing the new build about a week or so ago.

Here are details:

I have an HP with AMD A8- 5500 processor, 8gb ram, running win 8.1, 64bit. I do not have windows 7 backward compatibility priveleges, so I can’t revert to win 7. I’m using a Soundblaster Z card. Using a 19" monitor.

I currently have audio devices set on: play – MME spkrs; and record-- what-u-hear or line-in. I can record audio from mic/external devices and from track to track internally and it’s ok.

current buffer setting at 8192 for rec & play. I have tried a full range of buffer settings and this is the most stable i’ve found.

Since I am primarily a midi musician, you’ll see that pretty much all the issues are midi & piano roll related.

Here is a list of issues:

1. n-track often crashes on opening. When I restart the program I have no midi output. When I reset the midi device output I find that I have lost all my instrument settings for my songs.

2. serious latency/timing issues with midi playback, regardless of which buffer settings I use.

3. in both piano roll and track view it won’t stop playing for almost 2 seconds after hitting the spacebar (regardless of whether the piano roll is docked or not)or clicking stop on transport.

4. after stopping playback, hitting spacebar plays one note and stops, then will not play again.

5. zoom in/out to view notes is very slow to respond compared with n-track 4.

6. positioning and display of piano roll is very difficult to control: midi notes don’t display well, grid lines seem to display octaves (not as important) but can’t be changed (bold or colour) to display measures (very important!) Using the “skins” to reset colors etc in piano roll only works for some aspects and not others. For example, I can change note colour, but not remove shading. Can not change grid background. Pointless anyway, since it will not keep my settings after crashing and restarting.

7. clicking on keyboard in piano roll is very slow to produce sound

8. I set notes to play sound on playback when playback starts in the middle of notes and it does not work.

9. when using the same soundfont samples on two different tracks, n-track plays a portion of the song using both samples, then suddenly play my sample on one track and uses a general midi sample on the other track.

10. Accessing the track settings interface is inconsistent as the track view keeps changing every time I open the program.

11. setting soundfonts and samples to tracks is slow and tedious compared to version 4.1: accessing the n-track vst3 player (n-track sampler) is about a 3 click process and requires stairstepping down to it every time I change a sample. It would be great if the n-track sampler was accessible through a button or sat open and ready for use all the time (other than making it transparent). If that’s possible to do, it certainly is not obvious. And it’s especially frustrating since the program keeps losing my track settings.

12. The program does not fit into the entire screen and many buttons on the toolbars are inaccessible as they appear “out of reach”.

Overall, I’m extremely dissatisfied with the performance of this version. At this stage it’s pretty much unusable for me. The visual interface is way too busy looking and too complicated to set and navigate; it makes poor use of my screenspace for editing in piano roll and is generally unstable. I guess I prefer the simplicity of n-track 4.1.

Granted, since I never used version 5 or 6, I might have found version 7 easier to navigate. But I definitely prefer the simplicity of version 4 in spite of whatever features version 7 may include (drum sampler, string sampler, etc).


thanks for your comments, we’ll definitely consider them for the next version of n-Track.

You’re using n-Track Sampler, which didn’t exist prior to version 7, so your comments about prior versions of n-Track that worked better with soundfonts are a bit inaccurate as prior versions had no soundfont support at all. You may have used a 3rd part soundfont player with n-Track 4.x (such as Bismark BS-1), which you can still do with version 7.

Also since you’re using a software synth, you should find an audio setup which has low latency. In short you should use Asio or WDM/WaveRT audio drivers and low buffering settings. For more details please see this FAQ:

I’m gonna try now to answer your points one by one:
1: the crash on startup is either a bug with n-Track or in a 3rd party plugin in the last song you were working on before closing. Please send a crash report form when n-Track crashes so that we can analyze the crash and try to fix the issue in the next version. The fact that you loose your instrument settings might simply mean that the next time after the crash that you reload (to avoid the risk of crashing again) n-Track it won’t automatically reload the last song you were working on, which contained the instrument settings. You should be able to reload the song manually.

2, 3: (see my comments above on audio latency)

4: When you stop the playback n-Track actually stops after a short fade out. The problem might be that you restart the playback during the fade out. We will try to reproduce and fix the problem.

5 and 6: we’ll investigate the issues

7: (see my comments above on audio latency)

8: this has always been the case. MIDI notes are actually made up of a ‘note on’ event and ‘note off’ event. If you start playback between the two only the ‘note off’ event will be reproduced. We’ll work on sending a ‘note on’ event when the playback starts in the middle of a note (it might be useful for very long notes such as synths, strings, pads etc.)

9; I’m not sure if I understand your tracks setup. Note that when using the same MIDI synth for multiple tracks, each track must use a different MIDI channel (as set in the MIDI track properties box), so that each MIDI channel can use a different MIDI program (i.e. sound). If two tracks sent to the same MIDI synth use the same channel only the 2nd track MIDI program/sound setting will be usedm and both tracks will have the 2nd track sound.

10 and 11: I’m not sure if I understand what you mean by track settings. If you mean which track goes to which output etc., which instruments and which soundfonts are in use etc., that information should be saved in the song .sng file, and should be there each time you open the .sng file. If that’s not the case could you please be more specific as to which settings you loose after you reload a song?

12: It’s strange that the n-Track doesn’t fit the screen. What screen resolution are you using? The current version is designed to fit in a 1280x1024 screen which is a fairly low resolution these days. It should however also fit smaller screens with minor portions of the lower and upper toolbars cut on the right side. You can customize which button appear on the upper toolbar right clicking on it.

Again thanks for your comments, we’re hard at work on the next version of n-Track and your comments will help us make it a better program.


Thanks for your reply Flavio. I changed the device settings to WDM and that helps fixed the latency issues, and the display settings to 1280x1024 and that resolved the display issue. I’ll keep trying your other suggestions.

Regarding the crashing: n-track crashes sometimes on startup, but I do not see an option to send a crash report. Maybe I’m just not familiar with how to do that.

Thanks for your help!

As to crashes: if you are on the Internet a report should be generated when ever Ntrack crashes,