So what're ya all working on this weekend?

Oct 30 2005

We made recordings of the scariest noises we could find - mostly my 7 year old son screaming into a mic and playing with a stompbox delay. Sounds like a gaggle of Banshees. :)

Thanks for the topic Tom.

Played around with triggering some drum sounds from the recording I made last w/e of my son’s drum kit.

Some chores.

Had another quick play with Jamstix.

Recorded a very quick vocal track with my new Rode NT1a (woohoo) (Sold some stuff and legged it to the shop really quickly with cash in hand before something “more important” required the £££).

Started reading “The Art of Mixing” (Gibson). (see post on books in main forum).


Hi Tom and Mark:
I’ve been busy upgrading the Intel P-111 box I have in the studio. I found a Matrox G-450 graphics card and got it in-and-running. I’d like to install another stick of 256 meg@PC 133 ram, into the main board. I got one (used) and put it in, but there must be something not right about it. It started to “Blue Screen” the Box… I tried all the combinations of install/slots but the best behaviour I could get was the (New) stick by itself and very strange behaviour from the computer… What could this mean? and… should I return the stick and ask for my money back?


Start another thread about the RAM, Bill. What you hit is a VERY common problem with 256 meg RAM.

I’ve been FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY not doing the day job through the weekend.

Added acoustic to a song that was started a few weeks ago. It was bit of a struggle to get the sound right. I’ve added that acoustic four times now. The first three were deleted because the sound wasn’t up to part. It finally occurred to me that that should I was getting was what the acoustic sounded like. I held it up so the body and hole was pointing at my face and could hear it – the recorded sound. So, I moved the guitar around until it sounded like what I thought it should sound like, put the mic that position and gave it another try. Success. The trick was a to point the mic as the fretboard, at a 45 degree angle to the body, with the mic at the base of the neck. That actually puts the mic in a position that the capsule is at a 90 degrees angle to the hole, rejecting much of the sound coming from the body. I blame it cheap acoustics. I’ve never had to record an acoustic this way just to be able to hear the strings and picking. Whatever works. :)

Started another song, got a rough drum part down. It needs some editing but all the parts are there. There were only three flubs - one was a missed cymbal and accent. It might be a keeper.

Earlier in the week I recorded my 10 year old son playing an improvised 11 minute drum solo. He’s doing some stuff I still can’t do, so if y’all have heard me spout off about him, this is your chance to hear what I mean. He seems to be a natural - has started picking up guitar and keys all on his own. I didn’t teach him nothing. I say not bad for 10.

Working on one house (door, Sat) and one song (bass, Sun) :)

Eh…no time for music this weekend, unfortunately–just Halloween costumes. :)

Hi phoo:
Thank you for the NUDGE… I’ll start one, on that…Subject Matter… I’ll try to post all the specs on the set-up as it is now… as well…

Before I go… I’ll add this… Divide the 24 hours into three… 8 hours for work/something to do… 8 hours for your Family and Yourself… and 8 hours to replenish yourself/sleep… Don’t short-change the time/hours…

I tried working 29 hours a day and… at times working three jobs… That’s when I was young… I thought I was doing O.K. till I woke up one morning, and, it was all over.

I can say, I really like working, and one needs something to do…

It took me several years to discover that I did irrepairable damage to that part… in-between my ears… :O ??? I don’t think I’ll ever recover… :p


Quote (TomS @ Oct. 30 2005,11:20)
gaggle of Banshees. :)

Aren't they a punk band from Iceland or summat? :D


They sure don’t give freebies away often. It must be the spirit of Thanksgiving. Enjoy.

November SOS

Quote (gtr4him @ Oct. 30 2005,20:11)
Quote (TomS @ Oct. 30 2005,11:20)
gaggle of Banshees. :)

Aren't they a punk band from Iceland or summat? :D


No, not Iceland, AFAIK. :)


Aren’t they a punk band from Iceland or summat?

How about Siouxsie And The Banshees? 70’s british punk band.


We like Siouxsie! :)