Soft Clipping for a Master production

Soft Clipping at -3 or -5 etc.

I am trying to master an album and wish to utilize the Soft-Clipping feature (of how Soft Clipping compresses songs to 0 when the referenced VU playback is +0.2, +0.4, or more.). Is there a way to induce Soft Clipping to function at a different level than 0 such as -3, -4, etc.? I admit I don’t understand the compressor function well, is the compressor the trick to this? Thanks. :handshake:

What are you using as a limiter?

I’m confused a little by the word limiter because I believe the Soft Clipping does the Limiting work automatically?

I just got a fantastic answer from Flavio, and he said that it is not currently available but that the feature will be added in nTrack v6.0.1. I think that’s awesome!! nTrack rules!! Thanks nTrack!!

Just a bit of un-ask-for advise. If you are getting clipping in a recording that you are trying to mix, you have the settings too high. If you are mastering, then you might want to use a Limiter to be able to make the recording sound louder - at the expense of dynamic range.
To answer the question you did ask: A limiter only allows sound to pass through its curcuits at a set level. Example: you set the threshold at -6db and it gradually turn down the sound on anything louder than -6 (according to the ratio you set) but does not allow any sound greater than 0.
A compressor, does pretty much the saome thing, but it will allow clipping if the song has some areas where it gets too loud. Actually, some comptressers can be set to “limit” the top sound it will pass.
I think I just confused myself :O