Solo-ing an Aux Group

Sometimes, I’ll send all the vocals, or all the drums to an aux sub group instead of putting an effect on each channel.

I make sure the aux send is set on each channel, and that the aux out is set to send the group to the mains. The meters indicate the presence of a signal, yet, when I select ‘solo’ in the aux mixer in order to listen to the effects outside the main mix, it does not give me the channels I grouped to the aux. It just gives me the main mix.

Any suggestions?


Michael, are you talking about an Aux Bus, or a group? the two are very different.
AFAIK you can’t solo an Aux Bus, only a group (still on 3.3 here) and even then only the audio track(s) are soloed, any midi tracks are still played.
So if you had say two guitars going to a group and your drum track was midi, when you soloed the group you would hear both guitars and the drums. If the drum track was audio, you would only hear two guitars.
That’s how it works for me on version 3.3


Not to divert- but if I might:

Aux Send goes somewhere: To an effect, etc. Aux return comes back. This is the Aux Bus. Right.

Can you now take the Aux Bus and Freeze it, assign it to a Group, or in some way have it show up as a bounce-down in the Timeline window? Then you could solo it.

I’ve been doing battle with I/O interfaces (and mostly losing!), and have spent no time at all with this app for the past month. And I’m a newb…


Once again, I don’t know about V4… but in 3.3 it is not possible to assign an Aux Bus to a group, so your idea would not work Sloom.
However, it may be possible to use an application like SENDERELLA to divert the audio stream to another track, thus giving the same effect.


I’ve not used it so can’t comment on it’s performance.


Just throwing it out. I’m a newb. Hey… :) Maybe I’ll try that Senderella thing, though. Thanks!