Some 80's, Early 90's Hard Rock

Never posted a tune here before, so why not now?

Born Yesterday

This tune was written years ago, but decided to pull it out of the archive.

Drums were done in FL Studio
Vocals, guitars, bass done in N-track
Mixed and messed with in N-track



Hey Travis, well played!

I like the bit where it goes down to the chorussed guitar with the murmured vox, then back in for the finale.

Very clean production, etc!


Your drums have a real professional sound to them. Were those FL samples and did you apply reverb to the drums in FL or n-Track?

The rest of your production work and guitar playing is really good. Do I hear a little Randy Rhoads influence in the song??

thanks duncan. the production did come out pretty clean for this one - took forever with messing around, but finally got it sounding pretty good i think. thanks for the comment.

hey ksdb, drums were from a bunch of different kits. probably mostly the ns7 kit if i remember correctly. but to answer your question - yes, there was a TON of tweaking done in FL Studio for each individual sound. the only effects applied in N-track that affected drums were probably just an EQ and maximzier on the master track. i personally didn’t play the guitars (i’m on bass and vox), but i’ll pass your comments along. thx!



This is a great high energy song. Good guitars, good vocals, good recording. I’m envious!