Some bad press!!


Great…this will get people talking!! (and buying I hope…)

Bad Press


Here’s the good version…

Good Press


You pulled it off buddy. Sure am proud of you!
When do we hear the cuts?


I TOLD you… you “got it” dude! :agree: :agree:

I’ll be able to say "I knew him when…"


PS I can hear Craig accepting his Grammy… “Ya… I’d like to thank all the little people on that web forum err… what was it? Oh well… whatever…” :p

Craig’s press

Creating a controversy… riling up bitter enemies… didn’t know you had it in ya…
Way to go, Craig. :agree:

Good one mate! Any publicity is good publicity :agree:

:agree: You have a band? Great! Nice goin ching!

Thanks guys!
I got up this morning thinking…‘I shouldn’t have posted that…’ but I’m just too excited, sorry!

There’s no band, just me. It was the guy who’s putting the money in’s idea.
Poppa I’m in the studio Tomorrow and Monday doing this. There’s a real tight deadline, so as soon as I can I’ll pop something up.

I’m chuffed they chose both songs!



good news Craiger! Do us proud!

yeah semifinals!

i can’t wait till boxing day gets here in the states so i can punch somebody. just gotta figure out who…

Now THAT was my kind of day…
Just got back from the recording studio at 8.30 pm.

I know what you guys are on about now with the distortion. It took these guys a couple of hours to get me the right guitar sound…but man those drums…

Another day tomorrow…till LATE and we should be all recorded.

I can honestly say it felt like coming home. The day just went nowhere.


I was gonna tellya it’s a whole 'nother deal with other players and a studio setting.
Figured you needed the experience though.


Well done Craig!
I’m not a footie fan but it can’t be all bad if they choose one of your songs.

BTW How did you record a “Flip” side on a CD? :laugh:


Congrats Craig! :agree:

Good learning experience being in the studio too!