Some Covers

Well, I got my website up and running today, after fighting with the html on this linux server for HOURSSSSSSSSSSSSSS (groans).

I wanted to post a few of the covers I’ve done over the years, songs that I thought either came off really well, or are just really important to me, lol!

Everything I Own-Bread

Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)-Journey

Try And Love Again-Eagles

Handyman-James Taylor

I Still Love You-KISS

Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door-Guns ‘N’ Roses

On several of these songs, I used midi for the drums and keyboards, but any guitars you hear are me…on Separate Ways and Everything I Own EVERYTHING is me…

Hi dannyraymilligan:

I like how you position your tracks…
e.g. EQ and Separation…

Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door-Guns ‘N’ Roses

Handyman-James Taylor

Great stuff…


Thank you, Bill :)

Too bad you didn’t do Bob Dylan’s song “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” which is a really good song. I really hate the GnR song. :laugh:

lol, Tom, you nut. I know Dylan was the first to do the song, I just said GnR because most younger people would only have heard of Guns n Roses version…

heh - I know you know, you know.

Seriously, though, I detest their version.
Yours, I like.

Dream Syndicate did a cool version of it too, in the early 80s or so.

Hi Danny. Everything I Own appears broken at my end - very distorted and quiet. Lovin’ Handyman.

hmmm, I’ll look into that, Tony, on the Everything I Own one… thanks on Handyman :)

Tony, after checking out the file (downloaded it myself and played it thru windows media player instead of my usual media player) it came out fine. My idea is that you may have just got a weird download that got corrupted, and I recommend you downloading it again to see if that doesn’t fix the issue…


Hi, Danny. I streamed it on my craptop, which probably isn’t a good idea :laugh:
Hopefully getting my DAW back tomorrow and will check back then.