Some demos

I just critiqued someone else’s work (which is really quite good) so I should offer my own work for a target…

all work done with Ntracks (and a plug for the program on the page)

all drums with Fruity Loops

all vocals with the only available vocalist :D

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Thanks for trying!!


The Light Shines Down - really nice piece only criticism I could offer is your voice is better than what you think. There were hints in there that you wanted to take it up an octave, you almost did than you backed out.

Over the Rainbow- my favorite piece. It’s topping out too much you should redo it, levels seem too high but still I really like this one lots of soul with some room left to play in. Nice simple chord progression with lots of emotion in the playing.

Visitation-like this one too. Lot’s of mood with the velocity changes, a great experiment.

Into the Blue Sky-musically well done but the mix seems biased to bass, and it takes away from the other instruments. The guitar is driving that tune and your highlighting the bass.
My least favorite.

Really like this type of music where the hook is the subtleness of sound. My opinions of course and i’m glad to see you like Big Wreck, I enjoy their stuff alot and barely anyone has heard of them.

Hey Jeff,

Like I said in my email to you - your voice does sound great - I agree with StuH! I guess the only available singer worked out well!


thanks for the review guys!!! and for the ups! :)

It’s funny “Rainbow” is the one everyone likes best. (I like it too.) Unfortunately the buzzing, etc. is in the basic tracks–it dates from a less savvy NTracks period. It was meant to have either an instrumental lead or vocal part, and I never could figure where to get it in. I think it takes too long to get to the end figure, but I do like that guitar sound. It’s probably an Eric Johnson influence (about 200 pts down on the chops level though…). Of course there’s some very obvious Hendrix knock-off (and outright RIPOFF of Castles Made of Sand) in there.

I didn’t realize the bass was so overbearing in “Blue Sky”. I’m afraid, based on things I’ve read, of having a wimpy bass level due to mixing on home stereo speakers. That one has separate, properly recorded tracks so I can remix.

Visitation is entirely in Fruity Loops, and it’s a wave cut & paste to extend it a bit (lost the originally FLP file at some point). The thing about electronic stuff–you can get such cool accidents but they are damned hard to reproduce if you don’t write down exactly what you were doing at the time…

Thanks so much for taking the time to listen and add thoughtful comments. It makes the whole process so rewarding.