Some help with using outputs in n-track?

i’ve recently switched over from sonar, and i’m having troulbe routing outputs, the way i’m used to in sonar. I’m using a MOTU 828mkII firewire sound card.

Basically, i want to be able to switch the main output in n-track from my master outs (which have my monitor speakers hooked up to them), to my analog 1-2 (which has my headphone amp hooked up to it). I cannot figure this one out at all. The only output seems to be the master outs on my MOTU (from n-track that is).

sorry if that is confusing, any help is much appreciated. Oh also, i was originally using the ASIO driver, but i have switched to WDM drivers (due to the 16 bit restriction thing).

Click the hammer in the playback VU … then the button for select I/O channels.
Enable the other outputs you wish to use.
You can then use Aux sends/returns to create the headphone mix to the new output pair. This way you will still have your mix present at the mains as well.

At least that’s how it works for me with ASIO … never had to use WDM with my 828mkII.
Might ought to just go ahead and upgrade to the 24 bit version … should entitle you to free v5. ???

thanks man, ya i figured that out eventually.

I have a much more serious problem though. I’m getting some issues with buffer size and general n-track crashes. What is going on here? i have pretty new dell laptop. i have been getting a message to increase my buffer size and i;ll only have a single rewrie channel, and one audio channel going. Right now i have it at 1024 buffers with 93 milliseconds which is pretty unacceptable. What do you have it at Crankz?

I should be entitle to the version 5 upgrade even with the 15 bit version no?

PS: good to see you from the forums.

To be honest, I haven’t been using n-Track much lately … nor have I done much MIDI or Rewire.
With ASIO, I usually run 512 buffers in the MOTU audio console. I’ll bump it up as track counts increase and playback starts to suffer.
When I do use n-Track … it’s 3.3 as it seems quite stable for what I do.
Again I am using ASIO and the 24 bit version.
It could be possible that your issues could stem from the WDM drivers forcing 16 bit. ???
I really wouldn’t know though.
As far as the upgrade … it depends on when you purchased.
Normally, I wouldn’t suggest an alternative to n-Track in this forum … out of respect for Flavio and his efforts … but you could demo REAPER.
Well, maybe not … REAPER doesn’t support Rewire yet. :O
Maybe try version 3.3 if you’re not already.

I went ahead and got the 24 bit version, and switched back to the ASIO drivers and all of my problems were solved. the crashes stopped and the latency is great. I’m really impressed with n-track. I can’t think of a thing that sonar did, that n-track can’t.

The only thing i’m not liking now is the recording VUmeter. I can see the meters moving, indicating what input is sending a signal to be recorded, but there no labels on each meter. right now i’m only using one or two inputs at a time, but i can see this being a big pain when i start recording drums and stuff.

Yeah it would be nice if n-Track offered I/O aliasing (naming ins and outs).
This thread might be of help.
Glad to hear that you’ve solved some issues.


Quote (crankz1 @ Aug. 14 2006,00:08)
Yeah it would be nice if n-Track offered I/O aliasing (naming ins and outs).

It does, sort of, but I don’t use this feature myself so it may not be what you are looking for.

In V4 (2099) clicking on the title of the Master slider on the master mixer gives the opportunity to alias the Output. The alias then appears when setting the track output. Not sure if there is a similar option for inputs - like I said, I don’t use this feature, I was just aware that it was there.