Some issues with v3112

Loop Selection and other issues

Hi All,

When I highlight a selection “30 seconds” of a song that’s more than 4 minutes and hit the “loop” icon it plays the selection I highlighted, over and over likes it’s supposed to start to finish. However after a little while the time line will jump out the selection, continue to play outside the highlighted area but has no audio effect as the highlight selection continues to play as if it wasn’t bothered by the time line suddenly no longer playing within the highlighted selection. Has anybody experienced this? It’s a bug.

Also when I use the “place part at cursor” and then drag/expand a file on the same line, when it makes contact with the file I just placed at the cursor it will move that file causing it to be no longer at the cursor. Is this normal or a bug?. I want to be able to place a file at the cursor and not have it move even if I expand another file on the same track and have it over lap. Whats been happening is, when an existing file that I drag on a track, over laps a file I’ve “placed at Cursor” it moves the file out of position, the “Placed at cursor” file and I have to use the undo button to put the file back in place. It’s like as soon as they get close enough to each other they suddenly join together and the whole thing moves. Is this a bug, Any suggestions, I’ve tried locking the offset but this seems to have no effect in this regard.


I’ve given up on trying to use ntrack as a looper a year or two ago because it just doesn’t behave as most midi looper do.

that being said, I am glad to see you continue to test it,

maybe they can get down to the bottom of it or reprogram this thing to do what loopers since the 80’s have been doing. :agree:

Hi Paco,
I’m working to reproduce the graphic loop issue.
Can I ask you if you have any midi track or the metronome is activate when you reproduce the bug?

Hi, It’s just audio tracks.

The song has about 20+ tracks.
Some tracks are muted.
2 are Armed but not recording.

Here’s what I’m doing, I have an area selected in my song where the leed will be played, so I highlight the area and loop it. Then I just practice my leed, allowing n-track to play the looped section over and over, until I get the leed right, then I record it. I’ll do this for about 2 hours at a time. It’s during this I’ll notice the time line pop out and play somewhere else along the time line, (usually before the selected area), but the looped section continues to play. If I didn’t look up at the screen during the session I would never know the time line pop out, so the popping out of the time line doesn’t effect the audio being played within the selected area.

When it’s no longer playing within the selected area and I stop playing, I do have to return the time line to a point just slightly ahead of the selected area and hit play, it then, the time line, returns to the selected area and behaves as it should until it pops out. If I do nothing and just hit play, the time line continues to play outside the selected area but the audio played is still within the selected area.

You just have to let it loop play, eventually it will hop out of the selected area.
Let me know, I’ll make a video of it if requested.


Hi Paco,
I think that could be useful to have just the .sgw song that you’re using to reproduce the bug.
Could you also kindly send me your soundcard and buffering settings?
My contact is:

Thanks for your support.