Some Metal cover tunes recorded on N-Track...

A Friend and I have been working on some our Favorite Classic Metal cover tunes from the 70’s. These Songs were recorded on my PC (Intel Dual Core)

Vocals - Me
7 String Guitars and Bass - Alexander
Drum Programming - Me & Alexander(PC Drummer Pro 5)

Recorder - N-Track Studio
Vocal Effects - N-Track vst plug-ins
Guitar effects - Boss GT-6
Bass effects - Digitech


Watching You - Originally recorded by Kiss (1973)

Steeler - Originally recorded by Judas Priest (1979)

Claim to Fame - Originally recorded by Nazareth (1979)

Watching You
Claim to Fame

N-Track Rocks!!!

Watching you is a very nice performance - those GT-6 pedals are way under-rated. I love em, and you are getting a great sound out of yours.

The links to the last two tracks didn’t work for me.


Sorry about that, they should work for you now. Sometimes the Site where I uploaded them is slow during the Day.

Thanks for the Reply, We are very proud of all 3, so check the other 2 out when you get a chance.

We will post some Original Songs later on, just thought it would be fun to do some covers first to get to know the N-Track a little better.

I got to listen to all three songs on my good speakers at home, and you are right to be proud of your recordings.The music that everybody is posting on the ntrack forum these days is so good its enough to give a fella an inferiority complex when he compares it to his own music.

Very full sounding. Tight. The vocals are well done and ride just right in the mix. Guitar is full with enough variation in sound to keep from getting boring. The bass guitar is so tightly integrated with the drums that they pretty much sound like one very punchy instrument. Some really excellent drum programming. My only comment on this is that the kick sounds a little too perfect in places. Maybe a little variation in velocity during the song segments where it is playing a really constant pattern that is out front would humanize it.