some new free vst things


Haven’t tried them, but they look like they might be worth trying, so here ya are:

Nice. Thanks !

I take it the guys who thought out the names of the plugins got their inspiration from the ‘classic’ plugins ?

They sure looks cool.
They’re busy coming down.
The ‘Spacer’ looks promising.


Edit - even the name of the developer (Antress) reminds of some other vst developers…

Thanks Tom,

Hope they sound as good as they look. Will have to wait for a bit to try them here - more important things to do unfortunately.

EDIT: Yes, I too noticed the name Antress. Made me smile

Hi Guys:
Thanks TomS… They sure look nice… It might be interesting to see/compare the CPU Usage of these compared to the Kjaerhus Classic plugs… and… if you can run mulitable instances of the plugs on the same timeline… and… well…


Has anyone tried them yet? I’m not sure I have a rar unpacking utility…?



Oh no! what a dilemma, do I go for the silver or the black?

Which will sound best :;):


Hi Beefy:
There’s Lotta options there… “Mix-and-Match”… :O ??? Maybe… every other one silver… or… every other one black… I’m like a crow… I like shiny things… :O :p

I haven’t used them yet… But, they look nice, up on the desk… The silver ones… that is…


Pink plugins or bust !

I tried them. They sound great to me. But due to my limited knowledge, I can’t do the compare-and-contrast on them. One thing that I know though is they consume CPU like 5 times more than n-track similar plug-ins. So I’m not sure if I’d use them a lot.

Hi Francis:
At times, good plugs that are written by newbes that are working on the codeing that will eventually get better on later versions of their plugs… and use less resources… I’m only assuming this…

Then there are these plugs that uses huge amounts of graphic resources that they slow down the graphics card. These are all resourses that are needed for “smooth” sounding audio reproduction from your DAW…

I find this happens to me on this slow P-111, I have… When this occurs I do one of several things… I’ll “Freeze” the track(s) that I’m not working on/with… to free up resources…

But… I like to create a new timeline and try to recall the properties that I like to hear on that O N E track all by itself on a timeline and do whatever it takes to get IT sounding right then re-import the up-dated/rendered re-named track back into the work-in-progress timeline… This may take several attempts to complete the task… It takes a bit of time to do all this… but in the name-of-creativity you have to do whatever it takes to arrive at the end-product…


I tried them. They do what they’re supposed to do. A bit hoggish on the CPU though.

Quote (ChuckGlyder @ Jan. 27 2007,15:41)
I tried them. They do what they're supposed to do. A bit hoggish on the CPU though.

Hmmmm. That's a shame.

I've still not tried them. Maybe tomorrow.