some of my tracks dont have aux channel sends

ive now got ntrack 7 & it certainly is a lot better than my old version 4
ive opened up a old song & all the old tracks have aux send on them but when i record new tracks they dont have it …when i look it is turned on so why cant i get it?



HEy Tina,

I’m sorry I don’t know anything about the Aux channels and NTrack since most of my mixing is done externally and even when it wasn’t I never could figure out what AUX was for.

Glad to hear you got 7 working on your system, :agree:

I’m not sure if the newer version has some tab or something to add an aux channel (rather than them being automatically there like older versions).

I’m hoping someone with 7 experience can enlighten us all as to what the deal is.

dontcare :cool:

Tina, do you Facebook? If you do, and you join the n-track FB group there’s more activity there and hence a better chance of getting a quick response.

Drag up the main mixer. On each track/channel, next to the pan, is a + sign. This will add an Aux to a track if it hasn’t got one. To remove an Aux just click on the “Aux” button on that track and choose delete (ish).

mark no i have never done facebook ive always resisted it…so i spose i cant join that group?

tony thanks i knew there must be some button somewhere that turned on aux channels but i just couldnt find it!
im sure i dont use them properly anyway i just use them to get a track a bit louder

Aux’s are good for all sorts of reasons. They save computer power, for one thing, because you can group tracks together for fx etc. For instance; if you only want reverb on certain tracks and not on others, open a reverb (Classic) on the Aux(1) channel and send the tracks that you want the reverb on to that Aux. Make sure that you crank up the little “send” fader on each Aux section of the tracks to be reverb’d.