Some origional acoustic songs

upbeat i guess :slight_smile:


Hey all, I used to post around here years ago. I’d say around 3 ,when i first started to use NTrack. Cant remember what my handle was
Anyways, i have been learning alot of things, developing my own techniques etc. these forums taught me how to compress and limit. but back then i thought it was rocket science :wink:
Check my new Song and a couple of old ones out at My Myspace
These are all recorded on a Fender Classical guitar, the mic i use is actualy just a chat mic that you would get from a headset modified to fit and aim at a sweet spot inside the guitar. I usualy go for a realy intimate feel with a song…just a person and a guitar. i use ntrack 3.1, sound forge7.0, sometimes i used antares auto tune; sometimes way too much!
Any feedback is more than welcome i would love to hear anything. i just want to be heard! im still learning and need to know what i could be doing better. especialy from some that have good ears and good monitors ( i use headphones to mix :o )
also, are there any sites out there that i could showcase my stuff? ie; myspace, vancitybands…
thanks alot for your time! -matt

Cool guitar riffs…however, it’s hard to critique songs that are hosted on myspace since the audio compression beats the #### out of the signal and creates a lot of artifacts.

Given that, I’d say that it sounds decent given the mic used and audio compression. The git on the right channel seems a bit masked. Though the vocal rythm and melody are cool, the recording chain isn’t helping. Plus, I’m not a fan of screaming vox in this genre.

Overall, I’d say you have talent writing songs and playing guitar. Add a bit more high frequencies to the gits, and less on the vox. Then bring the vox level up a bit.

cool! thx alot for the tips
im still realy new with vocals and making them sound good. i realy want crisp sounding vocals but dont know how to get them