Some Republicans really do care about us.

Isn’t it nice to know that some politicians do care about our kids.


Rep. Mark Foley, R-Fla., chairman of the Missing and Exploited Children’s Caucus who introduced legislation in July to protect children from exploitation by adults over the Internet. He also sponsored other legislation designed to protect minors from abuse and neglect.

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The really disgusting thing is; his colleagues must have known what he was, but said and did nothing.


Rep. Rodney Alexander, R-La., who said Friday that when he learned of the e-mail exchanges 10 to 11 months ago, "We notified the House leadership that there might be a potential problem."

Yeah, the “problem” being that the electorate might hear about it.

They did know - incoming classes of pages were apparently warned about his behavior. Apparently there are lots of folks here who bear responsiblity. Personally I would like to see a thorough investigation and see if any charges could be brought, against him and anyone else who knew and did nothing. This guy was soliciting minors for sex, essentially. Put him in jail. I have no pity for pedophile sexual predators.

As we all know deep down, all republicans are ethically challenged:

Perverts All

Had Bill Clinton been a republican or went after little boys would there have been an uproar in the republican party…the party of torturers…the party of debasement on every level.



This guy was soliciting minors for sex, essentially. Put him in jail. I have no pity for pedophile sexual predators.

I’m with Tom. Better yet… put him under the jail…

As we all know deep down, all republicans are ethically challenged:

All politicians are ethically challenged. That’s how they get elected.


I see the Reps have managed to prevent the Dems demand that the House Ethics Committee examine the whole thing and report within 10 days.

Instead it will all be buried until after the upcoming elections it seems.

Buried! Why have no charges been filed? NY times story today: house members knew in late '05. Bring charges against them as well. I CANNOT FATHOM why there has been no public outcry. This guy is a sexual predator. He abused high elected office. I don’t give a #### about party on this sort of thing. :angry:


I CANNOT FATHOM why there has been no public outcry.

I guess only a small percentage of the population reads the newspapers. I know that I have not seen this story on cable or commercial TV. But I try to avoid TV news. I guess if you are powerful enough, you can keep news from surfacing till it suits you best.

With all that is going on right now, this should be an interesting election.

Hastert is calling for an investigation. Good.

Quote (TomS @ Oct. 01 2006,06:12)
Hastert is calling for an investigation. Good.

Yes...good....that should make for a nice do nothing get out of jail card..........

Read on: Predatorgate

(Great Title)



Ok, this may not be a popular view… but I really think a lot of these predator types are not right in the head… as in physiologically. I know we like to give ourselves all sorts of credit as humans for having free choice… but based on very “loose” evidence, I have to think these guys are not physically right from a brain chemistry, brain structure, or some other thing. There is a recent documented case of a man getting a brain tumor and becoming a pedophile. As soon as the tumor was removed, the pedophilia went away. A few years later the tumor came back in the same place and ding, instand pedophile. Remove the tumor again, back to normal. I still think we don’t know enough about the brain to diagnose and treat many things we consider perverions, negative behavior, etc. Of course this brings up Orwellian concerns ala Soma, but certainly something to think about. Just as with my hunches on homosexuality, I would be very curious to see over time if pedophilia is a diagnosable and treatable condition. In 50 years are we going to look on things like these as we look at schzophrenia now? Pedophilia is certain about as vile and depicable a crime as you can get… but how are we helping society most? by find the cause and the “cure” if there is any before a person becomes a problem? Or just resorting to lynchings after the problem arises? Persoanlly, I think we need to be open to the possibility of treatment as a life behind bars could be avoided potentially as easily as other childhood diseases. We test for TB and scoliosis in kids, why not homicidal tendancies and pedophilia if the ability could be there? We yank out wisdom teeth and vaccinate for mumps even when the child hasn’t had problems with the disease/condition yet. Of course this is all speculation at this point, but what a better way to operate IMO if the science were to pan out.

Sorry man but that doesn’t hold water. Age is a social requirement and dictate. Nature has another timetable. What is considered too young today was not 50 years ago. Notice that there were several states a few months ago that gave 13 as the minimum age requirement for a girl to marry. Fundamentalists put such taboo and chastise children so harshly and fill their heads with such bullcrap that deviate sex becomes enticing. :)

In todays America 16 is immature. It was not that way in my youth but today a person has to be approaching 30 to have the maturity of yesterdays 18 year old. That statement ought light a fire somewhere!

No doubt that a defective brain can send defective signals but to say that gays have defective brains is absurd. If you would have said the religious have tumors then I would have bought your argument. :)


I don’t care if he is as gay as a fruitbat, that’s not my concern.

I don’t care if his pedophile nature was caused by a brain disease or having been screwed by a priest in his childhood.

I don’t even care that some worse neural malfunction or traumatic experience made him a Republican. :D

I do care that he is a danger to kids.

I do care that he is a hypocrite.

And I do care that his colleagues in the house and in the GOP didn’t care enough to do anything about it.

Makes you wonder if they tried to hide it for political reasons or if some of them have something similar to hide too.

I agree with you 100% Gizmo.


Wondering when ksdb is going to join in and explain with 3 dozen irrelevant quotes how Foley’s GOP approved pedophilia is our nation’s best defense against communism, terrorism and the Antichrist. ???

But if sarcasm is too blunt an instrument ksbd, I’ll try a simple question instead.

It has been proposed by Mr Soul and TomS and others, that the present administration and the GOP in general is corrupt, criminally negligent, and morally bankrupt.

You seem to disagree with that proposition.

So, given the emerging details of the Foley case, would you care to comment? :)

Giz (an angry Giz at that!)

Revives the old joke.

Why don’t congressmen use bookmarks?

They just bend over their pages.

Oops, tasteless. Sorry

I’m nearly certain you are correct, Bubbagump. Must be an organic explanation for lots of these behaviors. I think I’d have trouble with that idea if it were my kid. Difficult to think rationally about it in that case, I suspect.

Update: they knew about it on 2001!!!

These guys need to be run out of town ASAP.

Quote (Gizmo @ Oct. 02 2006,00:52)
I don’t care if his pedophile nature was caused by a brain disease or having been screwed by a priest in his childhood.

I would care in a big picture sort of way. I am not arguing for leniencey or say “poor sick man, let’s take him to a shrink instead of locking him up.”… more for the potential that it could be a physical/psycological issue that could be treated in some way in the future. Treatment is a much better choice before the problem arises than after the guy becomes a problem and some poor kid has become a victim. Maybe it is the server admin in me… but if I can prevent a problem before it occurs, I will. I am just thinking out loud really. Certainly the law is the law and 18 is 18… but I think we have to be open to the fact that the sort of thinking that pursues and is obsessed by such things is not right adn the cause may be outside the realm of strictly personal choice. They have studies that a large percentage of murderers have prefrontal cortext issues. We know from certain conditioning that you can get folks to admit to crimes they didn’t commit. I would argue that we don’t necessarily have as much freedom of choice as we might like to admit. This doesn’t mean that personal responsibility is out the window. But it does mean we need to look at the issue with an open mind and I argue for prevention rather than an after the fact prosecution. Again, a fine line between Orwell/Minority Report as do we force treatment before the crime is committed based just on early markers that may be identifiable? Something to at least discuss. I would hope you could track it down to a gene or hormone or whatever and folks take a pill or get gene therapy when they are 2 years old to eradicate the issue rather than have guys like this dude running around. Perhaps I am just too optimistic. I know in my own case, I would have to muster a lot of strength to not have my hands around the guys neck if he were to do something to my child/sister, etc.

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