Some songs I did

A link to soundclick with some songs


I have a page with some songs I have done using n-track

Be gentle with me I am new at this recording lark.

it is at My Music homepage

Any comments welcome and any suggestions that are medically possible :p

Also I can’t sing so if anyone wants to collaborate leave a message on here or the message board off the page above

I have just added a new song (Indian summer)

It was to try out my new guitar (Line 6 Variax 600) and has a few of the sounds it can produce.

Hope you all enjoy it

I have just added a new song (Indian summer) - Updated version!!

It was to try out my new guitar (Line 6 Variax 600) and has a few of the sounds it can produce.

Hope you all enjoy it

Just had a quick listen. You’ve got some nice ideas going on there.

Just a couple of comments (you asked!)…

In general the drums seem a little too prominent for my tastes. They’re loops right? Sometimes a bit monotonous especially so up front in the mix. You seem to have sparse mixes (few instrument) which means it’s probably not easy to drop the drums without leaving a hole. You could consider adding some pad tracks (warm strummy guitar, or keyboard) to fill things out a bit.

In a couple of the songs you could probably use a little reverb to make all the instruments sound like they are in the same room.

Nice growly bass sound on “sliding”. Nice lead playing too. My favourite of your songs.

I like “better days” but either the effects are making the guitars seem a little out of tune, or they actually are out of tune (sorry!).

On “Acoustic mixdown” it sounds like the acoustic is DI’d using the built-in pickup. You’d probably get a prettier sound using a mic (or mic and pickup). Pan one left, one right. Big acoustic. Nice finger picking in the middle.

A suggestion: Try to work on the songs’ structure some more. Without singing it’s a harder job to give the song structure and flow so you have to use the instruments, the song, and the mix. “Sliding” makes a good attempt. The structure is there but it starts to sound like one long guitar solo. Maybe use different guitar sounds, or try to find a melodic theme that you can keep coming back to between solos.

Oh yes, and the “hum” at the beginning of “sliding” (over the drum intro) can easily be got rid of by muting the guitar track (using volume evolutions).

Mostly my $0.0002. Thanks for letting us listen.


Thanks for the comments. They are most welcome. I am learning all the time at this and the suggestions are very welcome

Added a couple more new songs. Bit heavier and very rough so far (I will update them when I get the time).