Some steel guitar work

Solo efforts

I thought I’d post a couple of my solo tracks.
This is my personal stuff, not what pays the bills.
The first one is a nashville style tribute to the Late George Harrison:
Here’s another one, a jazzy loose cover of Hunter/Garcia’s Stella Blue
Blue Star

My Sweet Lord, they sound nice. The Blue star track has an abrupt start with a drum hit, might sound better editing the drum hit out.



all I say, today is a good day. :cool:

Really, the Harrisong is sitting on my HD since year and day and I always wondered whose work it was. The little I knew about it was that someone posted it on this board. I enjoyed it so much since you first posted it that I’m really delighted to finaly learn whose work it is.

5 out of 5 stars.

Elwood :blues: :blues:

Really nice!!! I hear a little David Gilmore in there also.

Hey Thanks guys.
This was very rough stuff, little or no polishing involved.
I’m really glad someone enjoyed it. Busy working on this years material which I hope is a little more produced and properly finished.

Thanks again.