some tracks not recording

I am using a Tascam US-1800 with Win XP and Ntrack 7.03 +/-. I have the Tascam 1800 - wdm drivers selected. For some reason, some tracks will not record. I can see the recording VU’s working properly and I have the track on ‘record to new track’ but when I record, those tracks are just a flat line with no sound on them. Other tracks, record fine. I feel like there is something small I am missing here - any thoughts?



Open the Recording VU meter and click on the recording button at the bottom of one of the strips. You will get a menu for several setting on how the recording is to be done. If you select “record to all selected tracks” it should do what you want. I’m not on my music room computer so I can’t be sure of the wording. Flavio intends to add these options to the Add Track menu (I hope soon) where it will be much more intuitive. I’m not sure if this setting is “sticky” so you may have to set it each time you record.

Thanks for the reply, Bax. So, I think this is what I am doing and it is not working. I have multiple tracks I can see, the ‘green’ button is selected on all tracks and the ‘red’ button for the tracks I want to record. I select the ‘red’ button for tracks I want to record and select ‘left’ record to a new track and ‘right’ - as needed for the various tracks. Some tracks record others do not. Tracks 1-4 worked, track 7 did not record. Also, I get 3 or 4 blank tracks (these are in addition to the number of selected tracks to record)? Even if I set only the track that is not recording (track 7)as the only track to record, I get 3 or 4 blank tracks and blank for the track 7. I tried selecting ‘record to all selected tracks’ as you said, which seems to just enable the left and right track (I only need the left in this case - but tried nonetheless) and still blank tracks. The VU’s are showing up on the track, it is just not recording?

Also, wondering about the ‘live’ button. I thought this would allow me to listen to my mic’s as they are coming in when recording, but I can not hear them as they come in - even though I can see them on the VU’s. I can hear the playback, just not live.


I don’t know what can be doing this unless it is an error with the recording interface. I guess you have tried moving around cables and mics? Does the interface have its own console? If it does, does it show activity on the channels that are not working? Are there settings in the interface control panel that could be effecting things? Latest drivers? Have you tried the setting in Windows control panel?


Yes, I have the latest drivers and have tried moving mics. It seems if I am seeing activity on the VU’s for that channel, then it seems it is coming in correctly, right? Not sure how to record to a windows control panel?

And am I correct for how the ‘live’ button ‘should’ work?


Have you enabled the tracks to record audio - the little icon in the upper left tool bar - mic/keys(midi)/both?

Sorry if this was mentioned above.

Thanks for the reply TonyR,

Wow, that did it! I had one of my inputs coming from a DI box, and some from a mixer as 1/4" iputs. I wouldn’t have thought of those as MIDI? But, I switched the icon to be ‘mic/midi’ both, and the tracks that were not recording, now did! Hurray!

Now to sort out the ‘live’ option. Does anyone know, with the ‘live’ button enabled, should I be able to hear the mics in real time?



The Live button, as you suspected, is a “soft-through” function - handy for auditioning VSTi’s and for monitoring inputs - although you may get some lag. As you are using several inter’s and recording to multiple tracks, I couldn’t advise you more on this.

Hello. I have decades of experience in analog multi-track; am new to n-Track, and have read the User's Guide. Have hooked on to this thread, as I have a similar problem. Line outs from Tascam TM-D1000 mixer show up on n-Track stereo VUs, track 1, but don't record. It SAYS it's recording, but there's nothing there. TonyR's suggestion to blackironskillet might be what I need, too, but am not finding the icon he mentions. Could someone please describe this icon, and how to access it? Many thanks.


make sure that the recording mode is set to either “Audio” or “Audio+MIDI” in the Transport -> Record Mode menu (this is the setting that TonyR mentioned).
Also make sure that at least one track is armed for recording. For example add an empty audio track with the “Add channel” -> “Add new blank track” -> “Audio” command. Then click on the small circular button in the left side of the track, and select in the popup menu the audio input device you want to record the track from. The circular button will now turn red to signal that the track is armed for recording. After you press the Rec button in the lower left part of the screen the track should start to fill with the waveform being recorded.


OK, thanks Flavio. Indeed, the Record Mode was set to “MIDI”; I switched it to “Audio” and it’s recording now. So an accurate albeit simplistic description for other n-newbies like myself: find that tiny piano and change it to a little microphone. ~Lefty7