somebody please help!

registration code nightmare

I am about to go off the deep end here. I have e-mailed support 3 times w/ no reply!!!

I attempted to get the latest version and now my (paid for!) N-track won’t work properly because they’ve disabled my registration codes due to pirates!

I’m very busy trying to get some things mixed here and I’ve wasted an entire weekend trying to get help from these guys…anyone know what I can do to get proper codes?!

You’d think they would give you a heads up before screwing your paid for version up!!! :angry:

It sounds to me like you have imputed pirated codes.once this has happened the only one that can help you is Flavio,I had a simular problem a wile back.If you did pay for your version he will have a record of it and will be more than happy to help you im sure.


That sounded angry didn’t it…Just very frustrated with this problem…All I can tell you is, I wouldn’t bother with anymore upgrades until they fix this issue…I think I’m gonna have to learn to use on of my other two programs (abbleton/protracks) I liked using this one because I’ve used it for a long time and I know how it works totally…I hate to learn new programs… :(

that is what it said…the codes I put in are the ones that are on my paperwork with an invoice from digibuy for an upgrade to version 4.x dated 11-08-2004…I even offered to send an e-fax of the reciept, but still no reply?!..


Thorn, your frustration is understandable, but the problem lies with the people who pirate reg codes.
Be assured that Flavio will fix it for you, as he has for every other person who has suffered this annoyance.
One thing to look out for is to make sure you have used the same email address you used when you first registered and that your ISP is not filtering Flavio’s replies as spam. This has happened before.


Flavio’s email seem to get flagged as spam and dumped because the email is “info at” - that’s a guess on my part, but that DID happen on my machine once.

Also DigiBuy did for a while send out codes that were on the pirated list. It’s likely that it happened again. It’s not that the code was indeed a pirated code - it may very well be - it’s that n-Tracks thinks it is.

Flavio will get you straightened out. He’s usually very prompt with replies, but does take a break occasionally. And then if his replies are being blocked it’s possible neither he nor you will know it’s blocked if he doesn’t get a blocked return email. It simply as he thinks it got through and you think he didn’t reply. That’s normal unfortunately.

He reads to forum often. Let’s hope he sees this.

Of course… :) …there is also the chance that someone is fishing for codes. No, I’m not accusing. I’m point out that it has happened in the past.

Send the issue from the support page if you have been using you regular email. It’s also possible that your email is being blocked on his end.