Something I've been missing in n-Track...

…is a step sequencer.

I was messing about with fruityloops quite lot back in the day. The songs are built up with patterns that can be arranged in a playlist. This is a fast and easy way to create songs, at least as long there arent too many patterns.

I’ve been missing that approach in n-Track. I think that if regions could be created from MIDI data (as well as audio) and inserted in the song, MIDI editing would be faster and easier to manage.

As I was browsing K-V-R, I came across a few step sequencers that run as plugins. I might have guessed that such things were out there (as most things are), but now it was a nice surprise. There is even a souped-up version of Hammerhead, a favourite of the pre-fruity times. This seems very promising!

Do you guys have any favourite step-sequencer that you use along n-Track?

Bye now.

Well, I’ve used Orion for several years now. Very easy and intuitive in most aspects. I know lots of folks like FL, and use it as a VSTi. :)

I’ve considered FL, but I was looking for freeware.

Upon closer examination, the freeware step-sequencers I found at K-V-R were a bit of a letdown. I did not manage to get the more promising one, stepchild, to do anything. But that might be just me. Maybe I’ll look closer.

The hammerhead-inspired steps seems to be bug-ridden.

The fruits seem more tempting, now.


FL is fabulous, but don’t give up on Orion just yet - I understand that it will soon run as a VSTi - or perhaps it does already and I missed the update? Gotta go check. Anyway, I’ve always found the interface easier to use than FL. FWIW! :)

edit: oh, I just reread your original post, you already know FL, so forget what i said!