Something I did aged 12...

Heh heh I found this from 1984/5 when I was 12.
I wrote it a year before. First song I ever wrote in fact.

It was recorded I recall on a state of the art 4 track cassette recorder in my guitar teachers ‘studio’…I found it on an old tape, so have restored it the best I could.

Brought back fond memories of a time when anything seemed possible, and we were full of dreams and aspirations. Got me quite sad actually, about what I set out to do…and never did…but deep deep down still secretly hope to do.

That’s beautiful, Craig. A little gem, rescued from celluloid.


Great stuff spreadercraig..
Going back and revisiting your creativity, just might open the doors for stuff you might come up with, tomorrow or next week..
Who knows ????


Dude! You gotta do it again - “Big Craig” style. Get some “Um Bop”/Rubets thing goin’ on!?

live with no regrets! Thanks for posting this, I think a bunch of us here know the feeling. Great song for the age of the writer, too!

Heh heh thanks guys :agree:

Bill…it has indeed sent me into a mad flurry of creativity!

Oh… it’s got that, “Oh I wish I was young again sound.” The warble sound gives a true classic sound.

“Good save”.

Speaking of saves, I recently went thur all my hard drives recovered all I could and remastered the works, about 4 years worth. Been at it for a couple months. Some of it turned out to be good IMO. I can’t believe I was satisfied with this stuff back then, because it sure sucked, sound quality wise, live and learn I guess. I remastered this stuff with good results IMO. Total, 47 songs. I’ve learned “so much” in the last year about mastering, acoustic sound treatment and compression. I hope to do a wicked album next year. Shooting for a rocking blues style, which seems to be my natural niche. Love your stuff Craig. :agree:

PACO :laugh:

That’s cool, Paco, I wish I had that kind of discipline. :agree: