Something to consider


Well, so we need 50,000 more troops in Afghanistan. What better place to try out our new perspective citizens? Sign um up, ship um out! :laugh:


perspective citizens?

Depends on how you look at 'em?


I don’t want to encourage a racist topic, or racism itself, but illegal aliens really annoy me.

Up here in the North West we have a Klingon colony.

On the whole, they’re OK, but after a few beers, they’re really a pain.

As soon as you hear the: “Grachk Tachkt Bachkala” war cry; you know your favorite bar is going to be trashed, and the whole Karaoke evening is ruined.

Those weird sword things flying around everywhere, barmaids running around screaming, bits of finger appearing in your pickled eggs…I don’t wish to be racist, but on the whole, I think I prefer Canadians.

Heh… believe me… Romulans are NO better.


Only a little humor no racism intended, more about overcrowding and opportunity than race. Canadians are lovable! :laugh:

Who’s gonna mow my lawn? :laugh: