From a show last Saturday:


Right outta the board (direct outs) to and Alesis HD24.
Mixed in N-Tracks, finished in SoundForge 8.

very nice cover for being cut live.

Was nice to hear that tune again, now I gotta dig out all my Beatles tunes.

Congratulations: Excellent cover of an excellent song. Bravo for vocals and lead guitar. A couple of remarks: On bass I hear a terrible pop at 1.35 just in the turnaround for the second phrase of the chorus and also minor ones ahead, I would use the N draw volume feature to correct this manually instead of compressor. Also at 2.14 after the solo the verse starts too loud. Also I would bring the drums more in front in the chorus and more importantly the lead guitar phrase at 2.45 for the end.

Great job for Live! Harmony vocal just a tick flat at 1:23

Otherwise , GREAT JOB!