Sometimes wibuild 1811 - shuts down on File>Close

other Problems - anyone else?

I have a couple of problems happening with 4.04 build 1811.
Sometimes when I open a .sng file written with 3.3 I get a "memory error and the faders are not displayed for the track. I have to close the program and open the individual .wav files to avoid this.
Then when I cloase the new .sng file I get a message that says Ntrack has done something XP doesn’t like and the program will close.
It this just my computer?

:blues: Have you used any V4.0.4 builds to open V 3 song files successfully?

Thanks Tom,
I can’t remember opening any of the sng files without the problem - a good question. I’ll check and see if maybe these were some from Waay back. Still from the number of responses it looks like a problem of limited scope (maybe just me).
I notice the 4.05 is out of beta, maybe that will help, but if you, or anyone, has a suggestion, please let me know.