Sondcard v. Keyboard MIDI samples

MIDI question

I have a Casio keyboard with pretty decent samples built in. However, when I hooked it tru MIDI to my computer, the notes are rewired thrpough the samples in n-track (or soundcard samples I guess).
Is there a way I can record MIDI but still retain the original keyboard sounds?

I’m not sure I understand exactly what you are experiencing or trying to do but it sounds like you are recording a midi track and then wanting that midi track to be played back by the casio keyboard sounds rather than your soundcard sounds.

If that is the case, once you have recorded the midi track, click on the output field in the timeline for the track and select the midi out port you have yor casio keyboard connected to.
It is probably currently set to your soundcard or internal synth or something like that.

You obviously need to make sure you have your casio connected to the midi out port you route the midi track to.


Yes, it’s easy. Right click on your MIDI track and select “Output To”, and select the MIDI output device corresponding to your Casio. Then, when you play the MIDI back, it will play the Casio.

Eventually, you’ll want to convert the MIDI track to an audio WAVE file, for a number of reasons that you’ll discover as you go.

To do this, just connect the audio output of the Casio into the line input on your soundcard (and you’ll want to record it in stereo, if the Casio’s output is stereo). Set up to record the line input, and play the song. This plays the MIDI into the Casio and records the output of the Casio. Now you can mute the MIDI track and use the wave file. This is called “rendering”, btw.

Later, if you decide you want to change the MIDI part, just remember to mute (or delete) the wave track and unmute the MIDI track. After you’ve made your changes, render it again. As you can see, it’s best to wait until you’re at least 90% done before rendering.

Some of the advantages of rendering, rather than just leaving the tracks as MIDI:

- archival – works even after your Casio has bit the dust or gone on ebay
- more control with multiple MIDI tracks – with multiple MIDI tracks, it may play different voices on your Casio, but it’s not so easy to pan each one individually, or add FX, etc.
- uses fewer voices on your Casio – again, with multiple MIDI tracks, you can end up using more voices than your Casio has. If you tried to play them all back at once, notes would drop out. This way, you get 'em all, as long as no single track plays more notes at once than your Casio can handle.
- timing is more solid. This is esoteric and doesn’t matter unless you’re pretty darn picky about timing.

The next time you do a “mixdown”, n-Track may warn you that you have MIDI tracks and offer to start a wizard to help you. Click “Cancel” or whatever it takes to make that wizard go away forever – it’s a bad wizard, like Sauron. If you take the defaults, it will DELETE YOUR MIDI TRACKS! (Oof!) Bad wizard! Bad!

Thanks guys, that makes good sense. I have actually been recording for a while now using the line in on my soundcard and the headphones plug on the keyboard and the reason I wanted to switch to MIDI was to eliminate the noise level that is created by recording directly. But i GUESS I have no alternative if I want to use the casio samples.

If you want to use the casio sounds, the only way to record them is via a line connection from your casio to your soundcard.
If you have a line out instead of a headphone out it may be a bit cleaner (you may also be driving the headphone output too much and getting some distortion??)

Also make sure you are going to the line in on your sonudcard and not a mic in…

Thanks, Richlum,
that provides a satisfying solution for me. You were right, I had my headphones in the headphone plug, which created awful distortion and noise.
Now the noise level is low and with a noise gate it is rather acceptable.