song file keeps looking for bad takes

when doing multiple takes punch in and you have to do six or seven (or 20) takes to get that perfect one, you wind up with all these “bad takes” that you don’t want and don’t ever want to hear again. if you try and delete them, whenever you open that song file, you get a “missing file” message which begins “cannot locate file------” so whenever you attempt to open this song file after deleting all these bad takes, it ask you to locate each and every one of the bad takes before opening the file.

is there ANY WAY to delete these bad takes (or any other wav file) without having to “play the missing file game” whenever i attempt to open the song file later.

How are you deleting the files. If you use windows to delete the files the sng file in Ntrack will think it should still be there. You can right click on a track goto >remove track> delete, then save the file. Next time you open it, should be no problem.

Or, if you have multiple takes in the same track, you can delete just certain file by choosing “Delete part” instead of “delete track”.

I haven’t done this in a while, but if you do the punch-ins all in the original track, all of the previous “takes” are hidden under the last take. Maybe you need to move the final take down out of the way to give yourself access to the previous takes. I’ve alway just mixed down that track and then deleted the whole bunch of them by replacing the track with the mixdown. I can see where it would be tricky to remove the previous takes without getting the final one out of line.

Blessings, Terry